Christmas Mantel: 2014

12-5-14n 003 Christmas Mantel @

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With baubles and balls, snowflakes and lights. I decided to go with a garland for the holiday mantel decor this year.  It started out looking like an extension of the Christmas tree with the same ribbon, snowflakes and silver ornaments.  I then added pink and red balls to punch it up a bit. For the top of the mantel, I ended up using what I already had on hand.  I try to incorporate the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree 2014: A Column of Silvery Sparkle

12-1-14n 078 Christmas Tree @

The first day of December has finally rolled in. Blustery, windy and cold. The perfect wintry weather to reveal my Christmas tree for 2014.  (Despite the fact that I've had it up and decorated since before Thanksgiving.) A bit of shimmer, glimmer, sparkle and shine. A little silver, white and a touch of snow. Each year, I plan a different design, color and theme for the tree.  (Here is a peek at last year's Pink … [Read more...]

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is a Real Thing

11-19-14n 054 Ugly Sweater @

*The embellishments of my ugly Christmas sweater are part of a paid campaign with I Love To Create and Blueprint Social. The Ugly Christmas Sweater party, reality or myth? Just this last weekend, I was talking to another soccer mom after the last game of the regular season and she mentioned throwing a Christmas party for the soccer team.  I immediately piped up with,  "It should be an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!"  She didn't say anything … [Read more...]

Autumn Tablescape: Flinging Pumpkins

10-24-14n 070 Autumn Tablescape @

Autumn Tablescape. Lately, I've had a bit of an orange crush. Bright pumpkins and gourds in shades of persimmon, mango and tangerine. For the last few Autumns, it was all about pale pumpkins.  Washed-out, pretty pastels. Creams and whites were in, while any gourd sporting the unfortunate classic shade of orange was shamefully banished. But this Fall, the color orange is back with a vengeance and has become the perfect foil for an … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: Sephora Favorites Makeup Must-haves

10-20-14n 019 Sephora Makeup Deal @

Usually upon perusing a DIY and home decor blog... may expect to find, well, DIY and home decor. But what about makeup?  Glimmery, shimmery, velvety makeup. And although home decor continues to have my blogging heart, I do happen to love all things cosmetic as well. So when I came across a wonderful makeup deal at Sephora yesterday, I just had to share. A collection of Makeup Must-haves beauty essentials.  Retailing at $145, … [Read more...]

DIY Faves That Have Packed a Lasting Punch

DIY Faves Collage

Last night as I was finishing my extremely lengthy skin care routine, I happened to glance over at my necklace rack.   It has faithfully kept my necklaces untangled, organized and in line, but yet I have barely given it a second thought. Over the past few years, there have been some DIY projects that have exceeded expectations. Most have been small and simple (like the unnoticed necklace rack), but have packed a lasting punch. So here … [Read more...]

All Things Windows


This whole week, Remodelaholic has been going crazy with all things windows. So many wonderful tutorials, tips and tricks. And today, I'm joining in the fun by sharing my tutorial for a Super Easy No Sew Blind.  And here is a little secret:  It's hung with magnets! So be sure to pop on over to Remodelaholic for the full tutorial. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Gina … [Read more...]

When Your DIY is a Big, Fat Failure

9-30-14n 013 Chandelier Fail @

On DIY/ Home decor blogs, there is a tendency to show only pretty, fully completed projects. The successful ones.  The ones to inspire.  Because that's sort of the point, isn't it? But what about all the failures?  The mistakes?  The learning curve when trying something new? Doing It Yourself sometimes means lots of redos, readjustments and a bit of frustration.  And sometimes it ends up being just a big old mess.  An impossible failure. … [Read more...]

When your Autumn Decor is Fake Home Tour

9-25-14n 054 Fall Decor @

Fall is here and it's a cause for celebration! Today was the second morning in a row where I could turn off the air conditioner and open up the windows.  Yes, it's true.  Three cheers for cool Autumn breezes! Of course, temps quickly soared back into the mid 80's for the rest of the day.  But for the morning at least, I could dream of crisp Fall days, colorful leaves and stylish new boots. My favorite way to decorate for the Autumn … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: How to Wear a Concert Tee

7-19-14n 078 Concert Shirt @

There is just something slightly amazing about attending a concert. Seeing your favorite band perform live. The energy.  The excitement.  The music.  The T-shirts. Yes, bringing home a souvenir concert tee to celebrate the fabulous evening is an absolute must.  Or even if the concert wasn't so fabulous, you'll want a shirt.  Unfortunately, I didn't always follow my own advice and have somewhat regretted it later.  I mean, how great (or … [Read more...]

Falling Into Autumn

9-17-14n 154 Fall Mantel @

Crisp Autumn breezes. Colorful canopies of leafy trees. Piles and piles of pumpkins. It's Fall, y'all!  (Well actually, Autumn officially starts next week, if you're a calendar kind of girl.) The changing of the seasons is quite busy fun for home decor/ DIY bloggers.  Especially the last few months of the year.  So many holidays centered around home, friends and family. And despite the Texas heat, the trappings of Fall are … [Read more...]

File Cabinet Makeover

9-10-14n 001 File Cabinet Makeover @ edited

File Cabinet Makeover. This fab furniture transformation began with another Craig's List adventure. I have been carefully planning my office makeover for a couple of years now.  Yes, it's true.   I keep changing my mind about layout and specific furniture components.  Do I go the route of built-ins, DIY or retail? And don't get me started on color themes or artwork. The space in our home that is designated for the office, is an … [Read more...]

Design Crush: The Gathered Home

Design Crush The Gathered Home dining room edited

The Gathered Home. I've always admired those lucky home owners, fortunate enough to have a large and spacious dining room. A room big enough for the whole family and extra friends to gather, eat much and visit often. Especially one with a fireplace.  And a cool lighting fixture.  And an awesome rug. Brynne, from The Gathered Home has such a room.  A lovely, groovy, dreamy collection of DIY and thrifted yumminess all wrapped up in the … [Read more...]

Summer Home Tour: Living Room

8-21-14n 026 Home Tour @

My Summer Home Tour.   The living room version. I've been putting it off.  It's true. I planned on waiting until I painted my armoire, bought a big leafy palm for the corner and gathered together some colorful pillows. I also was holding off shooting the home tour until I bought a better camera lens. But of course, none of that happened. Summer has been zipping along at triple the speed instead, it seems.  And the new school … [Read more...]

My Love Affair with Mason Jars

8-19-14n 049 Mason Jars @

Dear Mason jars, It may be somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I have a bit of a crush on you. Yes, it's true. Your transparent glass in hues of clear, green and blue. You make such beautiful mason jar vases. A fun way to display a few colorful blooms. And you're the perfect vessel for containing a handful of sea glass or my collection of vintage marbles. You've supplied a great many drinking glasses. And I loved the glow … [Read more...]