All About Me
Hello, and thanks for visiting Charming Zebra!
Here is all you may have wanted (and didn’t want) to know about me, Miss Charming.
I am an Austin girl living in a little red brick house in the middle of a Texas suburb.  I’m married and mother to four children (three boys–one girl), a cute pup named Bella and a sweet cat named Lacey.  I have always been mildly obsessed with homes, design and beautiful architecture.  About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon reading my first home decor blog.  What a discovery!  I had just opened the door to another world of individuals who loved design, decor and DIY as much as me.  I found I wasn’t alone in dreaming about paint colors and watching movies solely for the purpose of seeing the home interiors.  I launched my own blog, “Charming” in March of 2011 and became “Miss Charming.”
I began my blog with knowing next to nothing about blogging or computers for that matter.  I didn’t know how to do the most basic of functions like copy and paste or to even send a link.  I’ve been learning so much over the past year and have been able to do things I never thought possible.
In November of 2011, I changed the name of the blog from “Charming” to “Charming Zebra.”  Why the zebra, you ask?  (And no, we don’t have a striped pet frolicking about in our backyard.)  Well, when I first started blogging I chose a name that I loved and didn’t think about whether or not others were already using it.  Apparently, “Charming” is quite popular and so I had to use “charming decor” for my blogspot address.  That created some confusion over the real name of my blog as I was featured in a number of other blogs as “Charming Decor.”  The domain names I wanted were already taken and finding my facebook fan page was impossible due to the high volume of “charming” use.  I decided I needed to change my blog name to something that was unique. A name no one else wanted.  And after a restless night’s sleep, the name, “Charming Zebra” was born.
I believe a room put together with eclectic pieces and items with personal meaning is more appealing than a generically styled space.  Creativity and great design don’t require a high price tag.  Something beautiful and full of character can be created with very little money.  “Charming Zebra” is full of refurbished and reimagined furniture pieces and DIY projects for the home.  Come and join my adventures (or misadventures) as I navigate the world of design, decor and DIY.

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  1. Kristen Duke Photography says:

    I've taken some zebra pics–they are so beautiful! Fun to read a little about you;)