Fall Porches


Well, it’s official.  We’re now in Autumn.  (The calendar says so even though it was over 100 degrees today.)  So in honor of the Fall season I’ll be featuring some festive porch decor.  Halloween is just around the corner after all with Thanksgiving not far behind.


This bat inspired design looks fairly easy to do.  Start off with a bunch of paper bats taking flight from the dead plant (it was intentional) near the door.  Then just throw an armful of pumpkin minis near the base.  Don’t bother sweeping–it just adds to the whole effect.


 A large vinyl tree and polka dotted pumpkins can be “bootiful!”


A quick and easy decor option is to pile gourds and pumpkins onto a chair on the porch.  (Especially if you don’t want anyone sitting there.)


If you are allergic to pumpkins (or the color orange) you can set up a pumpkin free display of blackbirds in sparkly trees.  (Or if you have read more than your share of Edgar Allen Poe, they could be creepy ravens gathering to taunt you.)


If you’re less into cutesy Halloween and more into frowny pumpkins, then a spider filled porch may be more your style.  Complete with giant webs and hanging spider egg sacs.  (So delightful–especially for all your arachnophobe friends!)

So even if you’re not into Halloween, it’s still a great season for beautiful Fall decor.

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  1. 1 Funky Woman says:

    Wow, so many fantastic pictures to drool over!
    I googled fall porches because I just took all my black crows and skeleton witch down and it's so bare out there!

    I don't decorate for Thanksgiving inside because I start my Chritmas early. I don't dare start decorating outside for Christmas or my neighbors would think I was a little looney!

    Great blog, so now I'm a new follower!