Darts, Jewelry and Subway Art

I’m still trying to get a handle on this “world of WordPress.”  I’m liking it more but am so sad that the switch from Blogger cut off my blog feed links.  In other words, everyone who has been  following Charming Zebra by a feed no longer has the new link address.  And since Google Friend Connect went away, too I probably don’t have any connection to all the fun people who were following Charming Zebra that way.   (Bummer!)  It’s just like starting all over again.

My daughter has a lot of jewelry.  Too much to fit in a jewelry box, in fact.  (It started about five years ago when she was really into beads and making her own creations.)  So I had to come up with another idea.  I painted an empty rectangle frame and hung it on the wall vertically.  (It originally was the frame for a door mirror but the mirror ended up breaking.)  Within the frame I hung rows of hooks attached directly to the wall.  There was plenty of room for all her jewelry.  I thought it looked great, and so did she until last year when she stated that she didn’t want that arrangement anymore.  She desired a wall mounted cabinet instead.  But to be honest, that was quite low on my priority list.


I had forgotten all about the jewelry cabinet when I happened to come across this little gem two months ago at the Goodwill.  It was a cabinet.  And I could mount it on the wall.  Happy day!


It was a well-used dart board.  I was quite excited since it was the perfect size for a jewelry station.  I removed all the innards and gave the whole thing a good scrubbing.  Then I primed it with Kilz spray paint and painted it with Krylon white semi-gloss.


I wanted to do something a little different than just painting it a solid color.  So I decided to mix a little subway art with my daughter’s love of music.  I had purchased the blue stick on letters but didn’t have all the sizes that I needed.  Contact paper was a good substitute.  I had some stencils and just traced the letters onto the contact paper and then painstakingly cut each one out.  Contact paper saves a bunch of money but is so incredibly time-consuming that it might be worth it to just purchase all the pre-cut letters.


After everything was finally in place I began to mix my secret chalk paint recipe.  (It is a secret from me because I never now how it is going to turn out.)


One more look before I started slapping on the chalk paint.  (I gave it two coats of the watery paint.)  The blue letters held up well but the contact paper was a mess.  Immediately after I brushed on the second coat I began peeling off each letter with a pair of tweezers.  The paint had bled a bit under the contact paper but it actually looked kind of cool.


When it was dry I sanded it down with fine grit sand paper.  I was really excited with the way it looked.  (I may have even done a happy little jig!)  Then another first.  I rubbed on some Minwax furniture wax all over the pieces and buffed it out.  I absolutely loved it at this point.  The wax gives a smooth finish and brings out the beauty of the piece.


It ended up looking like faded denim.  Exactly the look I was envisioning.


I was so happy with the finish on the outside of the cabinet that I decided to paint the inside the same color.  (Unfortunately, I originally planned on leaving it white so it was already  covered with the furniture wax.)  I sanded it down and made the chalk paint a little thicker.  It gave it a totally different look.  (It actually works for this piece but I wouldn’t necessarily want this finish on a piece of furniture.)

I removed the jewelry hooks from the previous set-up and added them to the cabinet.   So far, so good.  The knobs I bought from Target.


Unfortunately, there was a little problem with the length of the screws.  (So it necessitated ANOTHER trip to the store.)



Here is the finished cabinet.  (We’re actually calling it pre-finished now as I still want to find a few small bowls to attach to the bottom for my daughter’s earrings.)  I also plan on adding a small mirror to each side.


As a reminder, here is the inside when I brought the cabinet home.


And the lovely outside.


The inside transformation.


The finished subway art jewelry cabinet!  I can hardly wait to hang it on the wall and fill it with all kinds of bangles and baubles.

So what about you?  Any subway art projects (or dart board transformations?)


-Miss Charming


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  1. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! The finish does look like faded denim…so cool! What a perfect piece transformed into a jewelery cabinet. I bet your daughter loves it! 🙂


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