An Advent Bibliotheque

I would expect that correct blog etiquette dictates that an advent calendar must be posted on or before December 1st.

It’s only fair.   For those who might view the advent, get inspired and think, “Wow, what a great idea–I’m sure I can make one even better!  And then those unfortunate project makers must have to wait until the next year because everyone knows that a proper advent must be revealed prior to December 1st.  (Another one of those Christmas rules…)

But then again, is it just poor blog etiquette on my part or sneaky strategic planning?   (Hmmm.)


I started a tradition in our family a number of years ago where I would check out 24 children’s Christmas library books and wrap them like presents.  And then each night starting December 1st we would open a new book.  It became our version of the advent calendar and the kids looked forward to unwrapping a gift each night (without the sugar high of traditional advents containing sweets.)  I liked that we could explore new books each year and then just return them to the library when we were finished reading them.

Usually, I would pile the wrapped books in a festive red basket but this year I came across another idea.

A few months ago, a friend of mine packed up her family and left the comforts of the Texas suburbs for a new life of living off the land in rural Idaho.  She gave me a homemade wooden tool box that was given to her when she was first married.  She didn’t think she would need it in the wilds of Idaho so I gladly took it off her hands (a project already forming in my head.)

The tool box sported a golden yellow varnish with raised green painted letters of my friend’s name on the front.  I removed the letters and sanded down the box.  I then covered it in a single coat of white paint and added a green stripe across the front.  After that I took my electric sander and went to town.  I purposely made it look old and worn.  (In fact, I actually think I need to sand it even more.)

The sleigh bells I found for a few dollars at a thrift store.


 Next, I wrapped all the books and stacked them in the tool box.  I could have gone more rustic and used brown kraft paper for the wrapping but I just loved the shiny red snowflake paper.

As for making it an advent bibliotheque and not just an advent library, I just needed to add the numbers to the books in French. (Un, deux, trois, quatre…)

And I’m thinking that maybe I’d like to add a word or a number to the green stripe as well.

Even though my kiddies are teenagers now, they still enjoy opening a present each night.  (And so do I.)

So what about you?  Is there an advent Christmas tradition in your home?

~Miss Charming


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  1. I love this idea – so fun! Take care, Laura
    Laura @ Finding Home recently posted..Vintage Christmas SledsMy Profile


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