Fabulous Fake Snow

All last week, in the Lone Star State, we were courting Springlike temperatures with a balmy 75 degrees.

My boys sauntered around in their shorts while my husband enjoyed a few paddle boarding sessions on the lake.

Well, Texas finally realized that it was the middle of December and the temperatures dropped to a chilly 33 degrees this morning (but nary a snowflake in sight.)


I live in an area that tends to be a bit “snow challenged” so I have had a great time playing around with fake snow this season.   It’s basically just shiny shredded plastic in a bag but adds a bit of wintry fun to your projects.



I made the ubiquitous (waterless) snow globe out of an empty jar.  I just painted the lid silver, added a miniature tree and a sprinkle of fake snow.

(I found the assortment pack of miniature trees at Home Depot for a few dollars less than at Walmart.)


After the snow globes, I started throwing the fake snow around other places.  A platter with a few trees and a sparkly church ornament (with a crooked tower.)



The snow made its way into my little glass house.  (I had a ton of trees I needed to find homes for.)


The goblet ended up being my favorite.  (The little wooden Santa toy and plastic candy canes came from the thrift store.)



 So what about you?  Have you incorporated fake snow into any of your holiday projects this year?  (Or are you too busy crafting snowmen with the real stuff?)

~Miss Charming

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