Outdoor Decor (Texas Style.)

Nikon 12-17-12 017interior

Around these parts, homeowners tend to get a little nutty with lights when it comes to decorating the outside of their abodes.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s warm and sunny here for most of the Christmas season.  So perhaps these holiday revelers over-compensate for the lack of winter weather with a plethora of lights instead.

Yes, I live in one of THOSE areas.  Houses where every available outdoor surface is covered in some combination of white, colored or twinkling lights.  Except for MY street of course, where most of the residents are allergic to outdoor decor (and mowing their lawns, too, apparently. )

And we can’t forget about the giant blow-up characters.  Rudolph, teddy bears, The Grinch, snow globes, Santa and penguins (wearing festive hats) have all been spotted.  And it’s not uncommon to see various Longhorn steer displays wrapped with lights in the middle of someone’s yard, either.

We are in Texas, after all.


Nikon 12-17-12 010deer

We’ve never gone crazy with lights, ourselves.  (Except for that one year…)

Most of the time we just put up our lighted deer and snowman.  And sometimes add a few strings of lights.

This year, though, I decided to go for the bling with the addition of lighted topiaries.  (Yes, I’m such a risk taker!)

First we had to put up the faithful deer and snowman.  (That has been my daughter’s job for the last few years.)  The deer has held up just great but the tipsy snowman has had trouble staying upright.  He’s fallen over a few times in the last week resulting in all the lights in his head going out.  (I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there, somewhere.)


Nikon 12-17-12 004half front

For the topiaries flanking the front door, I painted the existing urns white.  They were originally black.

I then bought two of the cheapest trees they sold at Walmart.  (3 feet and prelit)


Nikon 12-17-12 011ornaments

I plopped one in each urn and added pine cones around the base of each tree.  I then decorated them with cheap plastic silver ornaments and stars (also from Walmart) to hold up to the weather.  (Although, it has only lightly sprinkled once in the two weeks they’ve been up.)


Nikon 12-17-12 007front

So here is where we are now with the outdoor decor.  (I still would like to add a lighted garland around the door and tackle a few more bushes.)

I opened the front door to view our Christmas tree inside the house and discovered our inquisitive pooch spying on me through the glass storm door.

So what about you?  What is your outdoor decorating style?

1)  Nothing–You prefer to abstain from the merriment.

2)  Simple and understated–You don’t want your electric bill to be higher than your monthly mortgage payment.

3)  A crazy, kaleidoscope of color–You want your holiday lights to be seen and enjoyed from the space shuttle.

~Miss Charming

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  1. Your tree looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Your home is magical and inviting. Love the night time shots. Your Christmas tree draws me in. Merry Christmas!
    shannon recently posted..A Day of Silence and Support for the Families of Sandy HookMy Profile

  3. Your home look so very beautiful, the tree is magnificent and all those archways…oh my!!

  4. Beautiful Christmas tree. Happy Holidays! See you in 2013!

    E +J

  5. Beautiful! We haven’t decorated outside for a while…too cold (and the landscaping is a little neglected).

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Roeshel recently posted..DIY Project ParadeMy Profile

  6. I love all of your lights! Your tree is magnificent! I am a simple girl… always thinking less is more. You have inspired me,I have always wanted urns with trees. Walmart, here I come…