The Best Christmas Music You’ve Never Heard

Listening to Holiday music is as much a Christmas tradition as trimming a tree, sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe or having that second glass of eggnog.  (Although, I personally don’t care for that thick, creamy drink, myself.  Okay, maybe not eggnog– just about everything else though.)

We have a large collection of Christmas music at our house.  Everything from Traditional, Country, Instrumental, Big Band, Religious, Jazz, Alternative and Pop.  Each family member has his or her holiday favorites that may or may not align with their musical style choices the rest of the year.  My husband, for example, is a huge Harry Connick, Jr. fan.   We have all his holiday CDs and my husband wears them out each December, but isn’t loving Harry the rest of the eleven months of the year.

I’ve been blessed with a family that tends to be quite opinionated (with musical taste being no exception.)  So Some of my favorite Christmas tunes have been mercilessly criticized by the music police.  They have been deemed “lame and horrendous” and met with a puzzled, “why??”  when I’m caught singing along to these festive Holiday jams.

So as a favor to you, talented readers, I am going to share a few of my (least accepted or understood) favorite Christmas CD’s:

1) Clay Aiken- “Merry Christmas With Love”

Not the most popular warbler to come out of American Idol, but you have to admit that this boy’s voice was made for Christmas tunes.  (“Don’t Save it All For Christmas Day” is one of my faves.)

2) Susan Boyle- “The Gift”

The reality t.v. talent show surprise.  She gives a smooth delivery to Christmas classics.  Two years ago I sent a few of these CD’s to relatives.  Little did I realize that not everyone shared my unusual taste in Christmas music.  (Sorry, guys!)

3) Vanessa Williams- “Star Bright”

The beautiful, comedic actress jumped on the Christmas CD bandwagon too.  Now, this CD isn’t bad, in fact, it’s very good.  The problem is that I literally played it over and over again, non stop until my husband threatened to destroy it.  (I may have been slightly obsessed…)  It was released in 1996 but I discovered it about 12 years ago.  I listen to it occasionally now and still enjoy it.

4) Justin Bieber- “Under the Mistletoe”

The baby faced entertainer who took the tween world by storm.  And even though it’s cool to hate him, I’ll admit that I love singing along to his Christmas jams.  One of my daughter’s friends was over a few days ago while this CD was playing and asked, “Is this Justin Bieber?”  My daughter just rolled her eyes and said, “My Mom’s music.”


So what about you?  Have you listened to any of this (under-appreciated) Christmas music?  Or are you crushing on some less than popular holiday tunes of your own?

~Miss Charming


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