3 Decorating Trends that Wouldn’t Work in My Home

Lonnymag.com white sofa                                                                                                                                                                                                                ( via Lonny)

The beginning of each new year tends to bring on a flood of posts over blogland forecasting the newest design trends.

Which styles and trends will be hot and which will be just “so last year”?  Will owls still be the rage or will warthogs be the new design darling?  Stripes or Toile?  Pea green or puce?  With so many different design opinions, it can become a little confusing.

There are 3 trends though, that I know will NOT work in my home.  No matter what.  And even if Candice Olson, herself, shows up at my doorstep and hands me The Secret List of design trends 2013 with these 3 items on it, I still won’t be able to incorporate them into my home.  (Sorry, Candice.)

The first trend that will be missing from my living room is the ubiquitous white sofa.  Whether it’s stylish modern or slip covered chic, white sofas are everywhere.  And for good reason.  They photograph well and highlight the rest of the pattern and color in the room.  A white sofa is a design “do” but a Charming Zebra “don’t.”

I cohabitate with a herd of unruly children and pets.  So the untidy girl inside me shudders at the thought of attempting to maintain the spot free appearance of a snowy white sofa.   (The realist in me knows that it’s just not going to happen.)



Lonnymag.com patterned room                                                                                                                                                                                          (Hutton Wilkinson via Lonny)

Another design trend that will be conspicuously ignored around here is a room filled with a plethora of pattern.  I can appreciate the skill it takes to marry a number of different patterns and colors together in one space, but visually, it’s not something that I can embrace in my own home.  Whether bright tones of tangerine, legions of Ikat or floor to ceiling of cabbage rose wallpaper, it tends to be too much visual stimulation.  My brain enjoys the thoughtful placement of patterns and colors with a bit of restraint.


Lonnymag.com stuffed cockatoo                                                                                                                                                                                        (Hutton Wilkinson via Lonny)

The 3rd design trend that has been vetoed around here is the popular embracing of taxidermy.  Now, although a stuffed cockatoo sporting a Balinese headdress would be a great conversation starter, it may be a conversation that I would like to avoid.  Deer heads and animal skins have made the transition from hunting lodge trophies to high style decor.  Where some people may have no opinion on color or pattern, most people have definite opinions on the use of taxidermy as a design element.  They either love it or find it terribly creepy.

We have a few blankets that are fake animal fur.  I also have a pair of antlers (not real) and a white ceramic deer head.  As a rule, I tend to shun design practices that could possibly be nightmare inducing.  So that typically means no furry animal body parts (or beady eyes to terrorize the children) on display.  (Fake is fine but real is rejected.)

So what about you?  Do you follow the design trends or reject them on principle?  Are there certain trends that just wouldn’t work in your home?

~Miss Charming

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