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Holes.  Holes.  Holes.

My yard is covered with holes.  Well, maybe not exactly covered, only just a mere 19.


Nikon 1-14-13 003foundation hole1

I had a crew over digging holes around my house for most of the day.

Not “Holes” like the Austin author, Louis Sachar’s book.  And not like the movie, “Holes” (based on the same book) with that cutie pie, Shia LaBeouf and a band of teenage misfits, either.  No, the holes in my yard were dug by a team of employed men (who were very polite) armed with shovels, rakes, various unidentified tools and a microwave.  (Yes, they had a microwave plugged in on my front lawn.)


Nikon 1-14-13x2 007

We hired the company, who employed the men, who dug the holes, to fix the cracks.

We’ve been in our Texas home for about 13 short years now.  A few years ago, central Texas suffered a draught that didn’t seem to end.  Due to all the dryness, the ground would shift and thus cause home foundations to shift a little, too.  Because of that, the ceilings, walls and floors in our home sustained some unsightly cracking.  The foundation has continued to move and in addition to the lovely cracks, we’ve also experienced doors that would no longer shut.


Nikon 1-14-13 002hole

Thus, the holes.

Apparently, our foundation levels aren’t too far off so digging 19 holes strategically around the house and under the foundation will do the trick.  The workers dig down and keep adding cement blocks until there isn’t any more give.  They’re basically stabilizing the foundation.  (That’s my very unscientific explanation, anyway.)


Nikon 1-14-13 005supplies

These are the concrete blocks and cylinders that are stuffed down the holes.


Nikon 1-14-13 008dug up

The workers had to remove the landscaping to dig close enough to the house.  Some bushes were temporarily relocated while others didn’t seem to make the cut and were just plopped on the ground.

After everything is finished, all the bushes are supposedly going to be replanted exactly where they were originally.  Exactly?  Hmmm.  It may be time to change up the landscaping.  (Sorry, holly bush.)


Nikon 1-14-13 004deep hole

I’m thankful that we are able to do the foundation stabilization and will be happy when the last hole is filled.

(Even though it feels as if we’re pouring money into the ground.  Ha!)

So what about you?  Do you have any new year home improvements that are purely functional and maybe less than attractive?

~Miss Charming

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  1. Don’t you love being a homeowner? Argh! Man, what a bummer… wouldn’t you rather be spending your money on other things? That happened to us a few years ago. We had to fill in our swimming pool due to the earth shifting. My swimming pool looked like it had cellulite. The clay soil won! I sure would have loved spending the thousands we spent to fill it in remodeling my bathroom and kitchen.
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