Messing With My Mantel

Nikon 1-18-13 024snooty pig

Tweaking.  MessingChanging.

Whatever you call it, I just can’t seem to leave my mantel alone.

Meet one of it’s newest residents, Snooty Pig.  You may have noticed the wings.  And, yes, Snooty Pig is a flying pig, as in “when pig’s fly.”  Now, I haven’t actually witnessed this little oinker taking flight, myself.  Maybe his aviation tendencies come alive at night when everyone else is asleep.  (I’ll have to ask my nocturnal kitty.)

The ampersand (or “&” sign) was painted my new favorite color (shiny gold) and added to the mix.  (I think it may be a hard and fast rule that all bloggers must post a photo of an ampersand at one time or another.)


Nikon 1-18-13 002pink antlersThe deer head.  It may seem as if I’m slightly obsessed with it.  The pure white worked well for the Christmas season but now that we’re into the new year I wanted to jazz things up a bit.  I thought that hot pink tips would look great on the stag and maybe up his cool factor.  (Well, maybe not so much.)  The first comment from my 13 yr old was that he liked the “red” antlers as it looked as if the deer had just finished stabbing another deer.

Not exactly the look I was going for.


Nikon 1-18-13 026gold antlers

I decided next to go for the gold.  And since I tend to end up complicating my projects, I thought, “Why not do stripes?”  The taping ended up being extremely time consuming and didn’t turn out as perfectly as I would have liked.


Nikon 1-18-13 016full mantel

I’m digging the striping on it’s own but it seems a little busy with the whole mantel composition.  I’m now contemplating painting the deer’s antlers solid gold.  And the gold frame on the wall (which was caught up in my gold painting frenzy) needs to go back to white.


Nikon 1-18-13 022side view

So, I’m caught up in the details of my mantel while other larger projects are waiting in the wings.

(And yes, I do still have my Christmas trees up.  Thanks for asking.)


Nikon 1-18-13 031zig zag wall

And speaking of ongoing projects…

I added two skinny solid zig zag stripes to my broken chevron wall.  I like how it looks from the upstairs but from downstairs (where it will mostly be viewed) I think it would benefit from having two more stripes.

So what about you?  Do you tackle the big projects or get caught up in the details?  And for those of you detail minded folk, what is your opinion on the antlers?  (I just gotta know.)

~Miss Charming


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  1. Hi! Love to visit your blog and see what interesting and amazing things you are doing! I actually like the small gold frame as is, paint the antlers completely gold and then you have your gold ampersand= three appearances of the same color which is, according to the design books, the way to go. I’m still chuckling about your son’s quip about the hot pink-tipped antlers. Ha, children! So funny!
    Love the chevron wall upstairs too!
    Margaret recently posted..Feeling Sentimental? Hello!My Profile

  2. I like the skinny stripes!

    Go Dylan! That’s a one funny kid!
    Elizabeth Price recently posted..BLOG CANDY and a Free Tutorial Today!My Profile

  3. What brand and color of paint did you use? I really like the way that gold looks! I have the same deer head from target and am contemplating adding some color to it.
    Reeves @ The Weathered Door recently posted..Drop Front Dresser DeskMy Profile


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