My Sparkly, Glittery Disco Ball

Nikon 1-11-13 007disco ball

By nature, humans tend to be drawn to shiny objects.  The sparkle and glitz is visually pleasing to the eye.  (Especially when paired with more subtle items.)  Maybe the evolutionists got it all wrong and we are not evolved from a big hairy ape after all, but from the shiny object loving magpies.

Last month, I braved the Christmas crowds to pick up a few items at Hobby Lobby.  They ended up having nothing I originally came for (of course) but they did have some fun items in the plastic ornament section.

A few shiny baubles in the silver section caught my eye.


Nikon 1-11-13 023disco reflection

Mirrored ball ornaments in various sizes and half off!

I placed a few of the larger ornaments in my cart thinking they would add more glitz and sparkle to my Christmas tree.  I moved a few of the boxes around to see if there was anything else that needed to come home with me and then I saw it.  It was so shiny and reflective.  But what was it?  A gigantic ornament or a snazzy little disco ball?  At $7 I didn’t care, and just snatched it up as the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever played in my head.



Nikon 1-11-13 011lights of disco

The mini disco ball has settled in quite well into my home.  I absolutely love the shiny polka dots of light it reflects from the sun.

See, magpie, NOT hairy ape!  (Then again, I do have to shave my legs quite frequently.  Hmmm.)


Nikon 1-11-13 032mantel preview

I’m having fun playing around with it on my mantel.  So sparkly!

So what about you?  Do you require a little glitz and shine in your decorating?

~Miss Charming

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  1. I definitely have magpie tendencies, too! I’m loving all the sparkly, shiny goodness. 🙂
    The House at Bluebird Lane recently posted..Grandma’s Chocolate Cake – Gluten FreeMy Profile

  2. I have always been obsessed with shiny/sparkly things, so of course I’m lovin’ the disco ball 🙂