Transitioning to Winter

Nikon 1-3-2013 033deer head

It’s interesting how people have varying opinions as to when is the best time to put away the Christmas decor.  You have those who tackle the tree the second the last gift is unwrapped on Christmas morning.  Ripping down the lights and garland as though it were an Olympic sport.  Removing all evidence of the merry holiday.

Then there are those folks who happily keep their well adorned trees and twinkling lights up through the middle of February.  Attempting to extend the Christmas cheer (or maybe because it’s too much trouble to to take everything down.)

Most people, though, tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

It takes about a week for me to put up the trees and fully fluff, primp and decorate the house for Christmas.  So I’m usually not in a big hurry to take it all down again.  I usually start removing a few items here and there while leaving the glowing, sparkly Christmas trees for last.


Nikon 1-3-2013 028chalkboard

The temperature dropped about a week ago and so we are discovering our sweaters and boots again.  (And those knitted things you wear on your hands.)  Even though we had warm and sunny days before Christmas, now we can fully embrace the Texan version of Winter.  The cooler temperatures cause me to want to hang on to our holiday decor a little longer, too.


Nikon 1-3-2013 038mantel w treeI did remove all festivity from above my fireplace mantel yesterday.  I replaced the ornament wreath and shiny trees with empty white frames and my vintage camera collection.


Nikon 1-3-2013 015antlers

A shot of my fake antlers and one eared giraffe.

About six months ago, I stared above my fireplace mantel and had the obvious thought, “By golly, that mantel needs a white giraffe!”   So, being me, I began checking out the toy section every time I entered a thrift store.  I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted and thought that maybe I could find a toy giraffe for a few dollars that was the right size and paint it white.  Well, shortly after, I was browsing through a Goodwill (which is ALWAYS extremely crowded, by the way) and spied a wooden, spotted giraffe in the knick knack section in between a faded, lace adorned jewelry box and an unidentifiable homemade ceramic figurine.  I happily snatched up the giraffe for only 99 cents.  (The missing ear was a bonus.)  A couple of coats of primer and white paint later, and I had my mantel giraffe.


Nikon 1-3-2013 018cameras

Nikon 1-3-2013 017cameras fade

Nikon 1-3-2013 003kitchen hutch

So, what about you?  Are you the type to rush to the tree, snatching off ornaments as fast as you can the second the last Christmas gift is unwrapped?  Or do you subscribe to the school of leisurely putting away the festive decor a few days before Valentine’s?

~Miss Charming


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  1. love the dark walls with the white frames! i think it all looks perfectly wintery! i did a “winter” mantle in my house today… i always find january-march to be the most challenging to decorate for!!! christmas is over, but it’s definitely not spring!
    cassie recently posted..2013: The Year of the Pom Pom! (My first pom pom project- pillow shams!)My Profile

  2. I took my decorations down the day after Christmas this year because we were having work done. I usually take them down pretty quickly usually though. I love your pictures. I could look at them all day. I have discovered spray painting and it’s my new favorite thing!

  3. I love everything here, but the chalkboard frame is my favorite! I featured you today in my Friday I’m In Love favorites!


    Jenn @ Social Salutations
    Jenn @ Social Salutations recently posted..Friday I’m In Love – Winter EditionMy Profile

  4. Your home looks beautiful! I love your vintage camera collection. My husband bought me my first one for my birthday and I’d love to start a collection too. As for holiday decor, I usually start taking mine down pretty soon after Christmas. We got back into town the Saturday after Christmas and we started removing decor that Sunday.

  5. I love the way you changed out your mantel – working on my today once I finally get Christmas all put away! Take care, Laura