Finally Finished

Nikon 2-18-13 007cat

I’m finally finished.

Painting, that is.

Have you ever had a fairly simple project that sat unfinished for an embarrassingly long amount of time just because there was always something else to work on that was more interesting, pressing or fun?  (Kind of like this long rambling sentence…)  Well, my poor beleaguered dining room (which is actually a music room) was frozen in an unfinished state of painting for the last few months.  (Yes, I said months.)  I don’t know why I left it neglected for so long.  You are able to view the room right when you come in the front door so it would seem that finishing the painting job would be a greater priority for me than it apparently was.

And this room has had quite the painterly history.  When we moved into this home so many years ago it was sporting it’s brand new, builder grade, flat, beige paint color.  The room already boasted a chair rail and I envisioned a deep burgundy color on the upper half.  Well, the hardware store mixed the wrong paint color so instead of the rich burgundy I was treated to clown red.  Being a novice with the paint brush, I dutifully rolled it on the walls anyway, hoping the color would magically transform into the hue I wanted.  No such luck.  The screaming red was a little more than I could handle so I ended up repainting it in the burgundy after all.  The lower level below the chair rail received a nice coat of brown paint.  And yes, I will admit that I really liked the color pairing at the time.


Nikon 2-18-13 023tall guitar

A few years later I thought I would lighten things up a bit and painted over the burgundy with a light brown to complement the darker brown on the lower level.  (Loved that snazzy brown combo.)  Later on, I decided to add white painted wainscoting to the bottom.  (See post here.)  I used premade moulding frames from Lowes so no power tools were needed.


Nikon 2-18-13 043piano

My next color inspiration change came during the organization of my pantry.  (See post here.)   The thought of adding a medium grey color to the dining room hit me while I was laboriously painting polka dots onto my pantry wall.


Nikon 2-18-13 004mirrors

Thus brings us to the most recent hue.  My custom white.  I love how bright it makes the room.  I ran out of paint about 3/4 of the way through the project and it just took me an unnecessary amount of time to finally finish it.

So now I am finally finished.  (With the painting, that is.)  Next, I just need to decide on the drapes.  (Have I shared with you yet the riveting story of the evolution of the drapes?)

So what about you?  Are you a serial painter?  Do any rooms in your abode hide a colorful history?

~Miss Charming

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  1. I just love your mirror wall. Who plays the piano?
    laura@Top This Top That recently posted..I am on a Quest…..My Profile

    • Miss Charming says:

      Thanks, Laura! A few of the children have had piano lessons but no one is currently taking now. ( My husband will play sometimes, too.)

  2. It looks great…I tried to imagine the brown and burgundy and this seems SOmuch an improvement. You can handle some great drapes in there now with all the paleness and the great mirrors….can’t wait to see!
    Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet recently posted..What a Difference a Frame MakesMy Profile

  3. this looks beautiful!!! love all the mirrors! and i love your little fashion stand and chair/chalkboard combo, too! going to head over to subscribe. love your fun eclectic style!
    cassie recently posted..Project Hallway: Baa Baa Black Sheep WallMy Profile