January in Review (2014)

2-1-14n 122 Jan 2014 @ CharmingZebra.com

January just seemed to whiz on by.

Incredibly fast and super quick-like.

So I gathered up a few bits and pieces of this unpredictably speedy month for review.

Just the highlights, of course.



Collage All that glitters is gold editedAll That Glitters Is Gold was my week of coating random items around the house with glorious gold paint.

I mean, what’s not to love? 



1-16-14n 085 Snickerdoodle Cupcakes @ CharmingZebra.com

My husband’s birthday this month, was the perfect time to try a new recipe inspired by his favorite cookie.  And Mini Snickerdoodle Cupcakes were a hit.


1-9-14n 033 No Sew Blind @ CharmingZebra.comI did a redesign on one of my most popular projects.  The Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind.



1-3-14n 038 Paperwhites @ CharmingZebra.com

I attempted to encourage a little green tinting to my thumb by planting bulbs of Paperwhites and Amaryllis.


2-1-14n 047 Jan 2014 @ CharmingZebra.com

And here is the floral reveal!

The paperwhite shoots grew so much faster than expected.  This was undoubtably, the easiest thing I ever planted, too.

It was fun witnessing the delicate flowers beginning to bloom.  Although, I soon discovered that newly opened paperwhite flowers give off a slightly strange odor.  Who knew?  Fortunately, the unusual smell disappeared after a couple of days.


2-1-14n 122 Jan 2014 @ CharmingZebra.com

The Red Lion Amaryllis ended up being my favorite.  Beautiful, bright color and no funky odor.  (But please don’t tell the paperwhites.)


2-1-14n 116 cat @ CharmingZebra.comAnd, of course, the snoopy kitty did her job as chief inspector.  (Let the sniffing commence!)



2-1-14n 067 Jan 2014 @ CharmingZebra.com

And here is an unrelated photo of my kitchen.  Just for funsies. 

Or maybe a quick game of I-Spy.  Can you find a belt, gluten-free dog food (yes, there is such a thing) and a box of surgical gloves?

So, how was your January?  Full of glittering gold and smelly plants?  Or something a little more interesting?  Do tell.

~Miss Charming

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  1. I loved all the gold! The flowers did really well…photos are gorgeous.

    Pat recently posted..~ Abby’s Angels ~My Profile

  2. Great month. Loved all your gold projects!
    Julia@Cuckoo4Design recently posted..Living Pretty With Your Pets: The Gathered HomeMy Profile

  3. Stopping by to say hi! It’s been fun connecting with you on Instagram. Love all of your projects! Looking forward to checking out your no-sew blinds.