Style Zebra: Thrift Store Fashion

7-19-14n 112 Thrift Store Fashion @ CharmingZebra.comThrift stores.

Typically, I’m cruising the shops on the look-out for second-hand treasures, household goodies or furniture finds that just need a little refinishing.

But every once in a while, I take the time to peruse the fashion section to see if I can find any hidden gems among the mounds of unwanted clothing.

And sometimes, I get lucky.

7-19-14n 090 Thrift Store Fashion @ CharmingZebra.comI’ve titled this little outfit, ” How to wear your boyfriend’s shirt.”  

Now, you may not happen to have a boyfriend who is a plaid, flannel wearing burly lumberjack.  But maybe you just might have a thing for plaid yourself.  No worries, thrift stores are generally blessed with a bonanza of flannels during the Fall and Winter seasons.

Try layering the shirt over a tank with tights and a denim mini for a casual, yet feminine take on the traditional plaid.

7-19-14n 137 Thrift Store Fashion @

7-19-14n 108 Thrift Store Fashion @

7-19-14n 113 Thrift Store Fashion @

7-19-14n 147 Thrift Store Fashion @ CharmingZebra.comAll pieces were thrift store acquisitions except for the tank and tights.  The heart locket was a gift.

Plaid flannel shirt: Arrow

Denim mini skirt: Gap

Shoes: Aldo

Handbag: B Makowsky

Model: Madeline

So what about you?  Have you bravely sifted through the sea of thrift shop attire?  And were you lucky enough to score yourself a few thrifty threads?

Gina (aka Miss Charming)

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    Style Zebra: Thrift Store Fashion