My Love Affair with Mason Jars

8-19-14n 049 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comDear Mason jars,

It may be somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I have a bit of a crush on you.

Yes, it’s true.

Your transparent glass in hues of clear, green and blue.

8-19-14n 025 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comYou make such beautiful mason jar vases.

A fun way to display a few colorful blooms.

8-19-14n 063 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comAnd you’re the perfect vessel for containing a handful of sea glass or my collection of vintage marbles.

8-19-14n 035 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comYou’ve supplied a great many drinking glasses.

And I loved the glow of candlelight, when you held lit votives during our dinner party last week.

8-19-14n 060 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comOne of my favorite projects was turning you into a soap dispenser in only 5 minutes.  So speedy quick.

8-19-14n 020 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comBut you are truly at your best, when I am able to hand you off to a friend.  A simple gift of flowers in a mason jar is a lovely way to share a bit of happiness.

So many thanks, my dear Mason Jars.  I see a field of flowers and shiny new projects in our future.

~Gina (aka Miss Charming)

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  1. i love mason jars, too- we use them for beach treasures and i love your sea glass in the jar! 🙂

  2. Just found your blog thru Cuckoo 4 Design. I LOVE mason jars as well. I don’t know if you do Scentsy or not but watch for the September Warmer of the Month. AS a consultant, I was able to get it early but it’s AMAZING! It’s a blue mason jaw this is blue when turned off and glows when it’s on.