My Summer Mantel (And a Design Trend I’m Not Willing to Let Go)

9-9-14n 025 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @ CharmingZebra.comThe continuous changing of design trends tend to remind me of a giant carousel.

But instead of colorful, fantasy creatures gaily spinning around, I envision specific design trends passing through time.

If you stand in one place, you may see the chevron horse, the pallet-wood lion, the shabby-chic ostrich or the gallery wall zebra.  In view for a while, until the next new-again thing comes around into view.  Slowly pushing the other trends away until it’s time for them to circle around again.

But sometimes, I don’t want the trend to just quietly slip away.  Sometimes, I take a big figurative leap onto the carousel and hitch a ride on my favorite design trend.  Holding tight and refusing to let it go.

Case in point:  The Sunburst Mirror

9-9-14n 005 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @ CharmingZebra.comI’ve loved sunburst and starburst mirrors for as long as I can remember.  It’s the one decorating trend that I’ve grasped firmly and haven’t yet let go.

Even as I bumbled around through the years trying to find my decorating voice,  my love/obsession with sunburst mirrors has remained constant.  (The wide collection throughout my home can attest to that.)

So, it only seemed natural, it only seemed right, to add a sunburst mirror as the centerpiece of my Summer mantel.  One in silver leaf, no less.

It’s a soft contrast to the white-painted walls, but it blends beautifully with the Beachy Gallery Wall nearby.

I didn’t do much, if any, styling on the mantel so the mirror would be the focal point.  Just a pair of summery, blue lanterns and a duo of white-painted acorns.

9-9-14n 018 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @ CharmingZebra.comSo what about you?  Do you tend to embrace the rotation of the “design carousel”, ready to welcome each new look?  Or have you flung yourself upon a specific, fantastic design trend, refusing to let go?

~Gina (aka Miss Charming)

Sources: sunburst mirror/Gardenridge,  lanterns/Marshalls,  acorns/ancient,  candle/Chesapeake Bay Candle 

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  1. the mantel looks great! i love hte turquoise!
    cassie recently posted..Click It 8My Profile

  2. Haha, I haven’t found a place to hang my sunburst mirror in our new home but I just can’t let it go. If you like it, you like it!
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home recently posted..DIY Wooden Makeup Brush HolderMy Profile