Social Media and My Inability to Take a Decent Selfie.

8-12-14n 005 ipad @ CharmingZebra.comSocial Media can be a blessing or a curse.

Depending on whether or not you interact with teenagers on a daily basis, that is.  

Whether or not your daughter fancies taking an unflattering video of you snap dancing* and then sending it to her friends.

For some inexplicable reason, my children derive great pleasure in surreptitiously recording me.  Apparently, I’m just goofy (or clueless) enough that it makes for an interesting video snippet.

But, aside from being the unwitting star in a seemingly never-ending series of family blooper videos, Social Media is a great way for me to stay connected as a blogger.

I’m not as diligent with some of the platforms as I should, but I quite enjoy the sharing and discovering of new ideas.  I love finding new blogs through social media and keeping up with friends who live farther away.

Here are the social media platforms I use the most:

Instagram / My favorite.  I love the images.  It’s easy to use.  It’s fun.

Pinterest  / Lovely photos.  Great way to share, discover and save new ideas.

Twitter / I don’t do much here, but I’m trying.  (Probably due to the fact that I don’t own a smart phone?)

Facebook / It’s huge and everybody seems to use it.  Good way to share new blog posts.  It’s not my favorite though, and I’m not on it consistently.  Too many rules.

Snapchat / A way to share your own video snippets or photos with friends.  The video/photo will only be live for a few minutes after your friend clicks on it.  Purely for entertainment.  So fun!

So what are your favorites in social media?

8-11-14n 047 Headshot eye editedWell, you just can’t discuss social media and not mention the highly popular phenomenon that is prevalent across all platforms.  The ubiquitous selfie!  


Has there been any other time in history when people (especially teenage girls) have taken more photos of themselves?

I personally, would be delighted to fill my Facebook and Instagram feeds with unlimited selfies.  The problem is, I’m really rather quite horrible at it.  Now, I can take okay, decent and even good blog photos.  But for some mysterious reason, my selfie taking skills are in short supply.

I decided to take a photo of myself yesterday to update the All About Me section on the blog.  It should have only taken a few minutes, right?  Well, two hours later, I had about 200 worthless photos.  (Most of them resembling a drunken mug shot.)  Seriously?

Fortunately, one photo made the cut.  Well actually, it was my left eye.  My under-eye circles weren’t too pronounced, so I call it a victory of sorts.

8-11-14n 088 Embellished selfie @ CharmingZebra.comMy youngest son was able to take a photo of me.  Unfortunately, by that time, my cranky self wasn’t thinking about styling or outfits or even what image I wanted to convey in the photo.

Sophisticated, classy, edgy or cool?  Why no, I ended up with a “granny going to church” style.  Or maybe it was more of a “woman with unkempt hair hoping for brunch with the queen” style.

Oh well, I just decided to have fun with it instead.  Embellishing the photo with a tiara, stars and my future cat lady status.

So, what about you?  Can we be friends on social media despite my inability to snap a decent selfie?

~Gina (aka Miss Charming)

*Snap dancing: Apparently I have this thing I do where I snap my fingers and swing my arms around while I’m working in the kitchen.  Don’t know why.

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  1. you are hard on yourself and too cute! 🙂
    cassie recently posted..August Sweet Clover Sale This Weekend!My Profile

  2. Haha, cute post! I actually read a funny (though actually sorta helpful) article about how to take a good selfie. It may or may not have been penned by one of the Kardashians 😛 I like the photo for your about page. It’s artsy and unique!
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home recently posted..The DIY’ers – Link Party #13My Profile