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8-4-14n 089 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comHave you ever made a DIY project that you were absolutely thrilled with?

Something that turned out exactly as you had envisioned and solved a long-held frustration?

Something that cost next to nothing and could be done in a few minutes?

Well, let me introduce my most recent (and possibly my most favorite) project: DIY Beauty Pens

Yes, simple beauty markers that you customize.

(What? Were you expecting something on a much grander scale, perhaps?)

8-4-14n 028 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comThis beauty DIY tutorial starts off in the art section with a Crayola Marker Maker Refill Pack.  (I found mine in Target for $9.99)

Now, this project was inspired by Ali over at xoVain.  She had the clever idea of making a DIY version of a makeup remover pen.  As I read Ali’s post, I immediately had an idea for solving two of my long-held beauty frustrations.

My Frustrations:

1) I go out-of-town quite a bit, but always leave my perfume bottles at home.  I would love to use a scent while traveling, but don’t want to deal with broken bottles or spilled perfume.

2) I love me a good pedicure, but many times I end up painting my nails myself.  And I’m not always accurate in my application.  So I usually have to deal with overzealous polish on my toes, as well.  Trying to use nail polish remover is always a mess, so I typically just leave it and hope no one looks too closely.

The answer:  Make my own perfume pen and nail polish remover pen out of plain markers.

8-4-14n 030 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comThe Crayola pack comes with enough components to make 12 markers.  Consisting of plastic tubes, end caps, lids, soft absorbent cores and felt marker tips.

8-4-14n 045 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comYou are essentially building your own marker with the beauty product of your choice.

8-4-14n 040 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comThe whole thing  just takes a few minutes.

First, push the felt tip into the end of the plastic tube.  (The smaller side.)

8-4-14n 050 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comThen just take an absorbent core and place it into the liquid you want it to absorb.  I was able to place the core into the perfume bottle with tweezers.  The polish remover bottle was too tall though, so I poured a bit into a small glass.

It takes just a few minutes for the core to soak up the liquid.  I then flipped it upside-down and stuck it back in the cup for another minute.

8-4-14n 054 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comNext, I placed the core in the plastic tube and pushed it with my finger to the end.  I then placed the plastic cap on the end and pushed it on until I heard a click.  There was still a small space so I hit the end firmly against the table and it locked in place.

I put the lid over the felt tip and held the marker upright for a minute.  Then, I eagerly tried it out.  Success!

8-4-14n 057 DIY Beauty Pens @ I wrapped a bit of washi tape around the ends of the markers to distinguish them from one another.

8-4-14n 088 DIY Beauty Pens @ CharmingZebra.comThe DIY Beauty Pens work great.  I am quite pleased with them.  And seriously, I know I sound like a broken record, but it only took a few minutes each to make.  Now, that’s MY kind of DIY!

The pointed tip on the polish remover is perfect for tidying-up a less than stellar polish application.  I wouldn’t use it for general removal though, just for the clean-ups.

I’m making a few different perfume pens and love to keep one in my purse, as well as in my make-up bag.

And I still have plenty of empty marker parts for additional beauty products and refills.  Or maybe, to pass along a few to a friend. 

So what about you?  Have you come across a DIY project that eases your beauty frustrations?  And can you think of some other clever uses for the make-it-yourself markers?

Gina (aka Miss Charming)

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  1. Brilliant!!! I absolutely LOVE this idea and will be hitting the store today! Can’t wait to make these!!
    The House at Bluebird Lane recently posted..Two Cheery Green MakeoversMy Profile

  2. Great idea, especially for airplane travels! Thanks for linking up to The DIY’ers!

  3. this is such an awesome idea– SO obvious, but so nothing I would have ever thought of! haha
    stephanie, sandpaper and glue recently posted..Formal Dining Room Mood BoardMy Profile