Christmas Tree 2014: A Column of Silvery Sparkle

12-1-14n 078 Christmas Tree @ CharmingZebra.comThe first day of December has finally rolled in.

Blustery, windy and cold.

The perfect wintry weather to reveal my Christmas tree for 2014.  (Despite the fact that I’ve had it up and decorated since before Thanksgiving.)

A bit of shimmer, glimmer, sparkle and shine.

A little silver, white and a touch of snow.

12-1-14n 061 Christmas Tree @

Each year, I plan a different design, color and theme for the tree.  (Here is a peek at last year’s Pink Beauty.)

This time, I had two different decorating ideas swirling around in my head that I was attempting to decide between.  Both used non-traditional colors and I was excited to use either of them.

Things drastically changed, though, when I brought home a new grey furry pillow from Nordstrom Rack.  I also picked up a few paper snowflakes from Target and just threw them on the tree for fun while I took the Christmas containers down from the attic.  When I walked back into the room and saw the pillow and the snowflakes, my whole decorating plan instantly changed.  I decided to leave the snowflakes on the tree and go for more of a silvery traditional look.

12-1-14n 020 Christmas Tree @ CharmingZebra.comWe changed the layout of the furniture in our living room slightly this year, so the space where we usually put up the tree was smaller.  I ended up buying a new tree from Wal-Mart that was 9 feet tall and pre-lit.  (Love those pre-lit trees!)

It’s a slim tree, which means that it resembles more of a decorated column than an upside-down cone.  I added branches to the top of the tree to create a little more fullness, visually.  I also placed presents around the bottom to mimic a tree skirt.

12-1-14n 050 Christmas Tree @ CharmingZebra.comVisitors who have seen the tree, tend to either think that the branches are great or strongly dislike them.  I love the fact that they’re a bit odd and unexpected for a seemingly otherwise traditional tree.

I may even add more…

12-1-14n 037 Christmas Tree @ CharmingZebra.comI’m still finishing up my mantel and the second tree.  Also, getting ready for a seasonal house tour.

So what about you?  Is your holiday style considered trendy, traditional, woodland or glam?  Or do you tend to favor neutrals, metallics or bright pops of color?


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  1. Wow! I love it!!!!!It’s exactly how i would want our tree to look like!
    Zografia recently posted..Decorating With Paper PlatesMy Profile

  2. it’s gorgeous! and i love the black and white plaid paper!

  3. This is so pretty. Those presents under the tree really complement the overall palette and add something special. I just finished decorating our tree and it sort of took on a life of it’s own! It feels more woodland animal than I had set out to create.