Floral Arranging For the Non-Florist

2-17-15n 054 Floral Decor @ CharmingZebra.comFlowers, florals, beautiful blooms.

Whatever the moniker, these lovely gifts of nature are able to bring life, color and little pops of happiness into our homes.

A few years ago, I brought home a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket.  For no specific reason in particular.  Perhaps I was dabbling in the fantasy that I was a cool, well-dressed New Yorker, strolling down the streets of Manhattan and picking up my weekly bouquet of fresh flowers at the local flower mart.  I would then take the blooms back to my trendy, expertly decorated high-rise apartment (which of course, I could afford), artfully arranging the stems in a stylish vase, whilst speaking softly to them with an affected British accent.

The reality, of course, was me dressed as a suburban soccer mom with hair in a messy topknot, cruising in my mini-van to the neighborhood grocery store.

Regardless of the scenario, the bouquet of fresh flowers I brought into my home that day changed the way I decorate.

2-17-15n 034 Floral Decor @ CharmingZebra.comI now try to have fresh flowers displayed in my living room year-round.  And I don’t usually choose the most expensive arrangement either.

It’s fun to try different varieties and to mix and pair the less expensive plants together.  The two bouquets above were $4 each.

2-17-15n 046 Floral Decor @ CharmingZebra.comI trimmed the stems and decided to go with a clear globe vase.  Mixing the greens and the flowers together.

I cut some of the floral stems extra short so some of the blooms could be seen below the glass.  I put all the flowers in for a full look, but it also would work if I removed some of the blooms for a looser arrangement.

2-17-15n2 017 floral decor @ CharmingZebra.comAnd then of course, there is the trick of using double containers or vessels.  The fresh florals would sit in the center vase while any object of your choosing could fill up the area between the two containers, and be viewed through the glass.  Candy is a popular filler.

This is also a great technique if you’d like your flowers in a basket or some other unusual container that isn’t waterproof.

8-19-14n 035 Mason Jars @ CharmingZebra.comAnd don’t think your bouquet has to all fit in one vessel.  Splitting the blooms into a number of vases can create a different look.

5-22-14n 035 Snap Zebra @ CharmingZebra.comThink outside the traditional single vase and opt for something a little unexpected.  A row of drinking glasses or mason jars across the table can make your floral arrangement seem a little more interesting.

So what about you?  Are you a year-round floral lover with your vases at-the-ready?  Or secretly picture yourself with a fake British accent?


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