Hello, Spring Mantel!

1-2-15n 274 Spring Mantel @ CharmingZebra.comHello, again!

After a two month hiatus, Charming Zebra is back and ready to dive headlong into a creative pool of design, decor and DIY.

Luckily, no awkward bikini photos were snapped, just a fresh take on a Spring Mantel.

The decor cost me a total of zero additional dollars, since I only used items I already had on hand.

1-2-15n 269 Spring Mantel @ CharmingZebra.comI simply gathered together terracotta pots from former projects and filled them with my favorite faux succulents.

The sunburst mirror I previously used in my Summer Mantel and Christmas Decor.

The smallest pots were from Flower Pot Cupcakes.

The other pots came from Gold Leafed and Chalkboard Pot Topiary projects.

The faux succulents were originally mixed with fresh succulents in my Vintage Soda Crate Planter.

And a whisper of a white, one-eared giraffe can be spotted to the right.  He made his first appearance back when my mantel wall was painted black.

1-2-15n 276 Spring Mantel @ CharmingZebra.comSo, what have you been up to in the last two months?  Recovering from an overly sparkly Christmas?  In the midst of an organizing frenzy?  Or squirreling away bags of your favorite Valentine candy?


Decorating Tip: Use items you already have on hand in a new way or in a different grouping, for a brand new look.

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  1. i LOVE this! natural and gorgeous!