Valentine Pretzel Treats

2-7-15n 034 Valentine Pretzel Treats @ CharmingZebra.comValentine Pretzel Treats.

Today as I strolled through the supermarket, casually tossing items into my shopping cart while attempting to remember the lyrics to the newest song of that artist whose name I can’t recall, I came upon a delightful display of pink confections.

Since another consumer-driven holiday filled with sweets, treats and goodies was just around the corner, the store was definitely working overtime at meeting its quota of mountains of hearts, flowers, plush bears and chocolate.

As I walked down the aisle past the army of stuffed animals, my eyes landed on a bag of plain M&M’s.  I couldn’t look away from that chocolately goodness.  Immediately, the M&M’s gave me the notion of putting a Valentine spin on an excessively made Christmas pretzel treat.

2-7-15n 009 Valentine Pretzel Treats @ CharmingZebra.comI quickly threw a bag of M&M’s into my cart.  And then, of course I needed to grab an additional bag, just in case.  I also bought pretzels and a bag of Rolos.

2-7-15n 021 Valentine Pretzel Treat @ CharmingZebra.comThe pretzel treats were so easy to make.  I simply put a number of pretzels on a cookie sheet and topped each one with a single Rolo candy.  I then placed the pan in a pre-heated oven at 225 degrees for a mere 5 minutes.

2-7-15n 035 Valentine Pretzel Treats @ CharmingZebra.comStraight from the oven, I gently pressed an M&M onto the top of each chocolate rolo.  Next, I let the pan cool and then popped it into the fridge to firm up the chocolate.

And that’s it.  A chocolatey pretzel Valentine treat.

So what about you?  Have you ever been duly influenced at the grocery store by an unassuming bag of M&M’s?


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  1. Oh I just love this yummy treat. Your gorgeous photos make me want to lick my screen.

  2. I took a class in college titled Persuasion and Social Influence and it stuck with me all of these years afterwards. It was centered around marketing and how businesses target consumers in the most persuasive ways to get them to perform in a specific fashion. For instance, the aisles in supermarkets are precisely formatted to lead consumers as deeply into the store as possible and how commercials are aimed at viewers as a call to action. Most of it was common sense but I still find myself thinking about the end caps in a store or purposefully walking anti-clockwise in a supermarket. It’s so hard not to look at those colorful displays of candy and not be influenced, though. Fortunately I haven’t run into any pink and red candy aisles yet, but I’m sure I’ll cave and buy something yummy before next weekend. Your treats look delicious!
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