The Search For the Perfect Rug

3-4-15n 011 New Rug @ CharmingZebra.comHas this ever happened to you?

You determine that a certain room in your home requires a specific piece of furniture or decorative item.  Immediately, you drive, skip merrily or sashay down the street to your favorite housewares store.  Within seconds of entering the establishment, you find the exact item you were looking for.  It is one-of-a-kind, deeply discounted and simply fabulous.  You bring the item home and it looks absolutely perfect.  You are perfect.  Animated birds and woodland creatures begin to frolic around you (in a non-creepy way) as you break into song.

The reality for me, unfortunately, tends to follow a slightly different route.  Usually, it takes weeks or even months of desperately searching every housewares store, online source or countless disappointing Craig’s List ads to finally settle on an item.

For the past year, I have been searching for a rug for my living room.  An absolutely fantastic rug.  I have a few extremely specific designs in my head (that really don’t exist) that I’m searching for.  I’ve actually brought home rugs a number of times, but returned each one of them.  They just weren’t quite right.

Last week, I hustled into HomeGoods, on the search for a marble cheese board.  (Apparently, I just had to have one.)  I found exactly what I wanted within minutes of entering the store.  I then race-walked over to the rug section, hoping my good luck would continue.  As I nervously combed through the hanging rugs, I happened to spy a vintage-inspired traditional blue rug.  The color, the pattern and the price all met with my approval.  I excitedly brought it home and flung it into my living room, waiting for the magic to happen.  And well, the rug just looked…okay.  The pattern and color were great, but the size (5 x 8) was just a wee bit too small and threw the whole room off.

I was a little dejected as I decided to return the rug.  On a whim, I tossed it into my entryway by the front door.  And there my friends, the magic happened.  It was PERFECT.

3-4-15n 028 New Rug @

3-4-15n 017 New Rug @ CharmingZebra.comI decided not to break into song.  And unfortunately, no dancing woodland animals were spotted, just an extremely snoopy cat.


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  1. That rug is a beauty! Rugs can be tricky and I’m glad you found a spot for this one. I was just thinking today that I need to move out 5×8 rug out of the living room cause it’s too small.

  2. i use to select a rug last in my room design but now choose it first. i find that I don’t get so frustrated and seem to find what i am looking for ….or i buy 2 just in case.
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  3. love your find! what a great color and style!