All About Me


8-11-14n 047 Headshot eye editedHello, and thanks for visiting Charming Zebra!

I am an Austin girl living with my family in a little red brick house in the middle of a Texas suburb.  I have always been mildly obsessed with homes, design and beautiful architecture.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon reading my first home decor blog.  And what a discovery!  I had just opened the door to another world of individuals who loved design, decor and DIY as much as me.  I found I wasn’t alone in dreaming about paint colors and watching movies solely for the purpose of seeing the home interiors.  Soon after, I launched my own blog, Charming and became Miss Charming.  A few months later, I realized that I needed to change my blog name to something a little more specific and Charming Zebra became the new title.

I believe a room put together with eclectic pieces and items with personal meaning is more appealing than a generically styled space.  Creativity and great design don’t have to require a high price tag.  Something beautiful and full of character can be created with very little money.  Charming Zebra is full of refurbished and reimagined furniture pieces and DIY projects for the home.

Come and join my adventures (or misadventures) as I navigate the world of design, decor and DIY.

~Gina Salisbury  (aka Miss Charming)