The Search For the Perfect Rug

3-4-15n 011 New Rug @

Has this ever happened to you? You determine that a certain room in your home requires a specific piece of furniture or decorative item.  Immediately, you drive, skip merrily or sashay down the street to your favorite housewares store.  Within seconds of entering the establishment, you find the exact item you were looking for.  It is one-of-a-kind, deeply discounted and simply fabulous.  You bring the item home and it looks absolutely perfect. … [Read more...]

Floral Arranging For the Non-Florist

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Flowers, florals, beautiful blooms. Whatever the moniker, these lovely gifts of nature are able to bring life, color and little pops of happiness into our homes. A few years ago, I brought home a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket.  For no specific reason in particular.  Perhaps I was dabbling in the fantasy that I was a cool, well-dressed New Yorker, strolling down the streets of Manhattan and picking up my weekly bouquet of fresh … [Read more...]

Design Crush: Bliss At Home

Style Zebra Bliss at Home boy's room edited

A few months ago, the lovely and talented Kristin from Bliss At Home, gave her son's bedroom a makeover. But not just any old makeover. An utterly fantastic, hand-clapping and cheering loudly makeover. Absolutely perfect for a young boy. An art desk in the closet, cool wall treatment, lounge area and of course, a magnificent indoor teepee.  Kristin worked closely with her son in designing and selecting all the items for the space. … [Read more...]

Easy Valentine Garland

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Easy Valentine Garland  I'm definitely a fan of over-the-top decorating. Pile on the glitz and the glam.  The more, the merrier. But every once in a while, something simple does the trick. A mini heart garland.  Perfect for a little pop of Valentine color. Now, I actually made this garland a few years ago.  (Tutorial here.)   But it's back again and ready to celebrate.  With the season of love and overindulging oneself with … [Read more...]

All Things Windows


This whole week, Remodelaholic has been going crazy with all things windows. So many wonderful tutorials, tips and tricks. And today, I'm joining in the fun by sharing my tutorial for a Super Easy No Sew Blind.  And here is a little secret:  It's hung with magnets! So be sure to pop on over to Remodelaholic for the full tutorial. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Gina … [Read more...]

Falling Into Autumn

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Crisp Autumn breezes. Colorful canopies of leafy trees. Piles and piles of pumpkins. It's Fall, y'all!  (Well actually, Autumn officially starts next week, if you're a calendar kind of girl.) The changing of the seasons is quite busy fun for home decor/ DIY bloggers.  Especially the last few months of the year.  So many holidays centered around home, friends and family. And despite the Texas heat, the trappings of Fall are … [Read more...]

K.R. Dixon Designs

KR Dixon Designs porch edited

  Today I'm visiting the lovely Kayla over at K.R. Dixon Designs.  Kayla is a designer, busy mom, blogger and creative extraordinaire.  She has the perfect tutorial for painting horizontal stripes.  And have I mentioned that we are chandelier twins? So be sure to stop on over to K.R. Dixon Designs for a dose of delightful and a pop of creativity. ~Gina (aka Miss Charming) … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel (And a Design Trend I’m Not Willing to Let Go)

9-9-14n 025 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @

The continuous changing of design trends tend to remind me of a giant carousel. But instead of colorful, fantasy creatures gaily spinning around, I envision specific design trends passing through time. If you stand in one place, you may see the chevron horse, the pallet-wood lion, the shabby-chic ostrich or the gallery wall zebra.  In view for a while, until the next new-again thing comes around into view.  Slowly pushing the other trends … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: DIY Beauty Pens

8-4-14n 089 DIY Beauty Pens @

Have you ever made a DIY project that you were absolutely thrilled with? Something that turned out exactly as you had envisioned and solved a long-held frustration? Something that cost next to nothing and could be done in a few minutes? Well, let me introduce my most recent (and possibly my most favorite) project: DIY Beauty Pens Yes, simple beauty markers that you customize. (What? Were you expecting something on a much grander … [Read more...]

Beachy Gallery Wall

7-26-14n 048 Gallery Wall @

It's always great fun to start decorating with a plain, empty space. A room that is just waiting for the wonders of your imagination to take hold. Being able to customize, design and decorate exactly how you want. But what about all the other times, when you have to make do with existing furniture?  Something functional but that is really rather blah? We have a piece of furniture in our living room that I am definitely not in love … [Read more...]

How To Make Ribbon Tassels

7-19-14n 174 Ribbon Tassel @

  I may have mentioned once or twice how my decorating process usually works. Some ideas have been swimming around in my head forever, just patiently waiting for their moment to shine. And then there are those other ideas (a bit bold and pushy) that will just pop into my thoughts out of nowhere and demand to immediately be brought to life. Thus, the Ribbon Tassel was created. Now, tassels are nothing new, by any means.  They … [Read more...]

Coral Watercolor

7-16-14n 039 Coral Print @

I'm currently working on my gallery wall. And I'm feeling a little beachy. Surrounded by coral, seashells and azure watercolors. Soon, my living room wall will be plastered with echoes of the sea. I found this coral watercolor print at Marshalls last week.  I was crushing on the blue tones, but I definitely wasn't feeling the beige colored mat. So I left the coral at the store.  All sad and forlorn.  (And yes, I do tend to give … [Read more...]

Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

6-3-14n 032 Apple Cake 2 @

I finally realized last year, that our family has a Summer tradition. A family tradition that has nothing to do with sunshine, sand or sea. Or sprinklers, sparklers or fireflies. No, this grand family Summer tradition consists of nothing more than consuming extra amounts of sweets, treats and goodies.  Yes, it's true. Now, I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I have a theory.  (Actually, two.)  1) We have a little more time to bake. … [Read more...]

More Coffee Table Styling

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Coffee Table Styling. Just a fancy way of saying that I rearranged some items on my coffee table. And bought more flowers.  (At the grocery store, no less) But the coffee table isn't the story.  Neither is the stack of decorating books or my saucy gold rhino.  (Love him.)  No, the star of this little vignette is a simple glass globe vase. I previously filled it with moss and used it for transplanting a bright pink orchid.  Well, as … [Read more...]

Chicken Grape Salad Sandwich

5-22-14n 088e Chicken Grape Sandwich @

How do you know when you're finally a grown-up? College graduation, home purchase or wedding day, perhaps? How about the day you find yourself eating (and liking) all the unpalatable foods you shunned as a wee child?  All the mushy, tangy, spicy foods that adults love. My daughter confessed to me the other day, (as I brought home yet another avocado) that nobody her age likes avocados.  Who doesn't like avocados?  She said that all of … [Read more...]