DIY Faves That Have Packed a Lasting Punch

DIY Faves Collage

Last night as I was finishing my extremely lengthy skin care routine, I happened to glance over at my necklace rack.   It has faithfully kept my necklaces untangled, organized and in line, but yet I have barely given it a second thought. Over the past few years, there have been some DIY projects that have exceeded expectations. Most have been small and simple (like the unnoticed necklace rack), but have packed a lasting punch. So here … [Read more...]

When Your DIY is a Big, Fat Failure

9-30-14n 013 Chandelier Fail @

On DIY/ Home decor blogs, there is a tendency to show only pretty, fully completed projects. The successful ones.  The ones to inspire.  Because that's sort of the point, isn't it? But what about all the failures?  The mistakes?  The learning curve when trying something new? Doing It Yourself sometimes means lots of redos, readjustments and a bit of frustration.  And sometimes it ends up being just a big old mess.  An impossible failure. … [Read more...]