Hello, Spring Mantel!

1-2-15n 274 Spring Mantel @ CharmingZebra.com

Hello, again! After a two month hiatus, Charming Zebra is back and ready to dive headlong into a creative pool of design, decor and DIY. Luckily, no awkward bikini photos were snapped, just a fresh take on a Spring Mantel. The decor cost me a total of zero additional dollars, since I only used items I already had on hand. I simply gathered together terracotta pots from former projects and filled them with my favorite faux … [Read more...]

Flowerpot Makeover

I love succulents.  They have such a sculptural quality to them.  (Except for cacti of which I'm sure I have a slight phobia.  It may have originated during the time that two of my young-uns had a losing tussle with a giant potted cactus.  But, I digress...)  I've been wanting to bring a few plants of the succulent variety into my home but hadn't decided on a proper container.   Sharla from The House at Bluebird … [Read more...]