Hello, Spring Mantel!

1-2-15n 274 Spring Mantel @ CharmingZebra.com

Hello, again! After a two month hiatus, Charming Zebra is back and ready to dive headlong into a creative pool of design, decor and DIY. Luckily, no awkward bikini photos were snapped, just a fresh take on a Spring Mantel. The decor cost me a total of zero additional dollars, since I only used items I already had on hand. I simply gathered together terracotta pots from former projects and filled them with my favorite faux … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel (And a Design Trend I’m Not Willing to Let Go)

9-9-14n 025 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @ CharmingZebra.com

The continuous changing of design trends tend to remind me of a giant carousel. But instead of colorful, fantasy creatures gaily spinning around, I envision specific design trends passing through time. If you stand in one place, you may see the chevron horse, the pallet-wood lion, the shabby-chic ostrich or the gallery wall zebra.  In view for a while, until the next new-again thing comes around into view.  Slowly pushing the other trends … [Read more...]