Valentine Pretzel Treats

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Valentine Pretzel Treats. Today as I strolled through the supermarket, casually tossing items into my shopping cart while attempting to remember the lyrics to the newest song of that artist whose name I can't recall, I came upon a delightful display of pink confections. Since another consumer-driven holiday filled with sweets, treats and goodies was just around the corner, the store was definitely working overtime at meeting its quota of … [Read more...]

Tasty Stovetop French Green Beans

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The trusty veggie side dish. Never the star of the meal. Poor vegetables, with their almost second-class status.  Sometimes even, a mere afterthought during the dinner prep. One of my favorite, super easy veggie concoctions is a tasty medley of french green beans, corn and grape tomatoes.  Mixed together on the stovetop, no less. Tasty Stovetop French Green Beans Start off with fresh ingredients.  Corn, cut directly from the cob … [Read more...]

Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

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I finally realized last year, that our family has a Summer tradition. A family tradition that has nothing to do with sunshine, sand or sea. Or sprinklers, sparklers or fireflies. No, this grand family Summer tradition consists of nothing more than consuming extra amounts of sweets, treats and goodies.  Yes, it's true. Now, I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I have a theory.  (Actually, two.)  1) We have a little more time to bake. … [Read more...]

Chicken Grape Salad Sandwich

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How do you know when you're finally a grown-up? College graduation, home purchase or wedding day, perhaps? How about the day you find yourself eating (and liking) all the unpalatable foods you shunned as a wee child?  All the mushy, tangy, spicy foods that adults love. My daughter confessed to me the other day, (as I brought home yet another avocado) that nobody her age likes avocados.  Who doesn't like avocados?  She said that all of … [Read more...]

Fantastic Korean Beef

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  Everyone should have one of those recipes. You know the one. Your go-to meal when things get a little crazy.  When you don't have the time to prepare your typical five-course gourmet dinner.  When you need to feed your family (or yourself) something quick and tasty. Tacos used to be my go-to meal when we had evening activities and were short on time.  And any taco-related version I could dream up.  Taco casserole, taco pie, … [Read more...]