Design Crush: Bliss At Home

Style Zebra Bliss at Home boy's room edited

A few months ago, the lovely and talented Kristin from Bliss At Home, gave her son's bedroom a makeover. But not just any old makeover. An utterly fantastic, hand-clapping and cheering loudly makeover. Absolutely perfect for a young boy. An art desk in the closet, cool wall treatment, lounge area and of course, a magnificent indoor teepee.  Kristin worked closely with her son in designing and selecting all the items for the space. … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: Sephora Favorites Makeup Must-haves

10-20-14n 019 Sephora Makeup Deal @

Usually upon perusing a DIY and home decor blog... may expect to find, well, DIY and home decor. But what about makeup?  Glimmery, shimmery, velvety makeup. And although home decor continues to have my blogging heart, I do happen to love all things cosmetic as well. So when I came across a wonderful makeup deal at Sephora yesterday, I just had to share. A collection of Makeup Must-haves beauty essentials.  Retailing at $145, … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: How to Wear a Concert Tee

7-19-14n 078 Concert Shirt @

There is just something slightly amazing about attending a concert. Seeing your favorite band perform live. The energy.  The excitement.  The music.  The T-shirts. Yes, bringing home a souvenir concert tee to celebrate the fabulous evening is an absolute must.  Or even if the concert wasn't so fabulous, you'll want a shirt.  Unfortunately, I didn't always follow my own advice and have somewhat regretted it later.  I mean, how great (or … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: DIY Beauty Pens

8-4-14n 089 DIY Beauty Pens @

Have you ever made a DIY project that you were absolutely thrilled with? Something that turned out exactly as you had envisioned and solved a long-held frustration? Something that cost next to nothing and could be done in a few minutes? Well, let me introduce my most recent (and possibly my most favorite) project: DIY Beauty Pens Yes, simple beauty markers that you customize. (What? Were you expecting something on a much grander … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: Thrift Store Fashion

7-19-14n 112 Thrift Store Fashion @

Thrift stores. Typically, I'm cruising the shops on the look-out for second-hand treasures, household goodies or furniture finds that just need a little refinishing. But every once in a while, I take the time to peruse the fashion section to see if I can find any hidden gems among the mounds of unwanted clothing. And sometimes, I get lucky. I've titled this little outfit, " How to wear your boyfriend's shirt."   Now, you may not … [Read more...]

Style Zebra: Summer Nails

7-18-14n 040 Summer Nails @ edited

I've always favored the color turquoise. But recently, my affinity for this bluish-green hue has turned into a full-blown crush. So clearly, the next logical step was to transfer this lovely tint to my finger tips. I went to the salon and requested gel nails.  Now, I am quite capable of painting my own fingernails.  Yes, I am.  The thing is, I just didn't want to.  When I attempt to paint my nails at home, my technique is somewhat … [Read more...]