Bits & Pieces (A Tale of 2 Tables)

5-14-14n 035 Bits and Pieces @

  I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain. That's no secret. I have a seemingly endless list of items I'm searching for, so I'm ready when the right piece at the right price comes around.  Sometimes all that is needed is a little paint or a tweak here or there to make it exactly what I want. And in the last few weeks, I've been fortunate enough to cross a couple more items off my list.     I've been on … [Read more...]

Bright Flowers in Vintage Mason Jars

5-9-14n 003 Mason Jar Flowers @

  I enjoy buying flowers for myself. Truly, I do. There is nothing like a colorful bouquet of blooms to brighten up the home.  And my local grocery store usually has a nice selection of flowers in the $4.00 range.  They sell more expensive bouquets too, but I'm usually able to find something pretty for less.  I buy flowers there quite frequently.  I guess you could say it's my guilty pleasure.  (That and a nice pint of Ben & … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fruit Dip

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Many years ago, a friend confessed an embarrassing story. As friends sometimes do. About the time she attended an important business dinner, and thoroughly embarrassed herself in front of her husband's co-workers.  She didn't mean to.  It was an honest mistake.  And she can laugh about it now.  But at the time, well, it was a different story... ...My friend "Laura", (name changed to protect the guilty) was actually looking forward to an … [Read more...]

How NOT to Make a Wrist Corsage

4-26-14n 092 Wrist Corsage @

There is one Do-It-Yourself rule that I always seem to be breaking. Rockin' rule breaker or just frequently forgetful? The DIY rule that's almost always true for me, is that the very first time I attempt something new, there is a definite learning curve.  It usually takes a bit of tweaking to get a new project exactly how I want it.  So when I had the semi-brilliant idea of DIYing the corsage for my son's prom date, well, let's just say … [Read more...]

Design Crush (Cuckoo 4 Design)

Design Crush Cuckoo 4 Design hallway

"What's black & white and red (read) all over?" A skunk with a diaper rash? No, A fantastic hallway makeover from Cuckoo 4 Design! One of the few things I remember about being in kindergarten is the discovery of lame and somewhat cheesy jokes.  (Our tiny, undeveloped minds loved them.)  And just to give you an idea of the level of cleverness and wit, here is one of the more popular jokes told repeatedly by my kindergarten … [Read more...]

Coffee Table Styling

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I've been tinkering around with my coffee table, lately. You know, the ugly one I bought off Craig's List. Because as everyone knows, coffee table vignettes and stylings are almost up there in importance as protecting National secrets, ninja warrior training or creating a decadent chocolate recipe with zero calories.  Or quite possibly as important as not getting your hair cut by an incompetent stylist on the morning of Prom.  (But alas, … [Read more...]

When You Have To Makeover a Makeover

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Some days, you need to makeover a makeover. It happens. Perhaps the original makeover was semi-fantastic, but eventually the needs of the space changed.  Or perhaps you initially thought your makeover project was terrific, but three months later you suddenly hated it.  Or maybe, you realized right away that the makeover wasn't successful, but you just didn't have it in you to start the project all over again.  sigh   Meet my sofa table.  … [Read more...]

The Gold Egg & The Boy Who Ate It

4-17-14n 090 Golden Eggs @

Many years ago, when I was just a wee lass, we had a goose that laid a golden egg.  Well, actually, the goose's contribution was a standard white goose egg, but it soon was turned into a lovely golden hue through the magic of spray paint. It all started the year I was in the fourth grade.  It was Spring and our class was excitedly looking forward to our big Easter party and egg hunt that would take place the following week.  The egg hunt … [Read more...]

Fantastic Korean Beef

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  Everyone should have one of those recipes. You know the one. Your go-to meal when things get a little crazy.  When you don't have the time to prepare your typical five-course gourmet dinner.  When you need to feed your family (or yourself) something quick and tasty. Tacos used to be my go-to meal when we had evening activities and were short on time.  And any taco-related version I could dream up.  Taco casserole, taco pie, … [Read more...]

Lost In a Tropical Garden

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To my children, California is this amazing utopia of nice beaches and great fun. To my husband, it's the center of the universe. He grew up in the Bay Area and has many wonderful memories and experiences from his childhood.  Our children are growing up in Texas, so their only experience with the state of California is centered around enjoyment.  We go there to visit with relatives, vacation at the beach and the occasional trip to … [Read more...]

A Weekend Wedding

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Thunderstorms, flowers and a tasty burrito. Three apparent ingredients for a successful wedding. And a successful wedding it was. Last week, my family and I boarded a plane for sunny California to attend my nephew's wedding.  It was fun meeting up with relatives we hadn't seen in a while and despite the near constant rain, the wedding festivities went off without a hitch.   Of course, I imagine there were many hitches behind the scenes, … [Read more...]

Ringing In Spring

3-22-14n 013 Spring Decor @

Welcome, Spring! The calendar says it's official. Even though in Texas, Spring comes a bit early.  For the last couple of months, I've been enjoying all the nice weather we've been having.  And of course, the multiple bluejay, cardinal and butterfly sightings.  There are even little brown bunnies out and about.  (Preparing for Easter, I suppose.) So, to extend a great, big "hello" to Spring, I'd like to share three easy ways to welcome … [Read more...]

That Huge Brass Thing

3-22-14n 023 Brass Urn @

My big brass bowl. Or maybe it's an urn, container, planter or vessel? I'm not quite sure of the correct term, but I do know it's my new favorite place to stow all the extra blankets and pillows.  The living room ones made especially for snuggling during movie viewing, of course.  This unidentifiable brass item replaced the thrift store basket I re-stained last year.   And despite another picture of my frisky feline, this … [Read more...]

That Time I Went To a Stranger’s House To Buy An Ugly Coffee Table

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"Hello, yeah, it's been awhile.  Not much, how 'bout you?"  Well, I'm back from my self-imposed blogging hiatus.  And despite the groovy 70's song lyrics, I'm ready to unveil my most recent Craig's List acquisition. For the last six months, I've been on the search, on the prowl and totally desperate to find the perfect coffee table.  Something that would work well with my existing furniture, be teenager proof and cost little to no … [Read more...]

Photo Heart Collage

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Today I attached some memories to the wall. Yep, I did. Because that is basically what photos are, after all. Memories of events, time and people. Now, making a giant heart shape out of a group of family photos isn't anything complicated, unique or even slightly spectacular. But it is amazing how much I love it.  A large gathering of memories from a pile of random family photos.  (Many not even frame-worthy.)   I … [Read more...]