All That Glitters Is Gold (Liquid Gold Flower Pot)

1-14-14n 008 Gold Pot @

Sometimes, all that is needed is a little bit of gold. Just a tad of shiny brightness. To transform a tired, old piece into something new.  And such was the case with my orchid pot.   The orchid pot originally, wasn't very pretty. Dusty, hairy and full of cobwebs. Quite embarrassing, really.   It seemed to be suited more for the garbage bin than anything else. But, I decided to bring the unfortunate … [Read more...]

All That Glitters Is Gold (Gold Magnetic Letters)

1-13-14n 006 Gold Letters @

Gold Magnetic Letters. Scattered across the surface of the fridge. Sharing instant messages and sweet nothings. Welcome to Day 2 of my All That Glitters Is Gold series.   Last summer, I ran across this fun idea of glamming up the traditional alphabet fridge letters from Inspired By Charm. I remember having fun playing with the alphabet on our fridge as a child, so it seemed perfect to make my own version of these gloriously … [Read more...]

All That Glitters Is Gold (Gold Leaf Terra-Cotta Pots)

1-13-13n 029 Gold Leaf Pots @

Shiny, sparkly, glittery gold. I'm crushing hard on this glorious metallic and I don't want to quit. So, in light of the fact that I'm utterly ga-ga for gold,  I'll be posting a gaggle of gold themed projects all this week.  My All That Glitters Is Gold series. And first up in the gold project parade, are gold leaf terra-cotta pots. This was my first time working with gold leaf and so I actually tried two different leafing … [Read more...]

Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind (Redesigned)

1-9-14n 033 No Sew Blind @

The New Year is spurring on big, delicious change. Updates, plans, remodels, makeovers and a fresh start. And one of my first projects of 2014 is a redesign on my Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind.   This extremely simple blind became the surprise hit of 2013.  It was a quick fix to a basic problem that became quite useful. And as much as I loved the bright pattern during the Summer months, I also wanted a sleek, Winter … [Read more...]

Design Crush (A Home Full of Color)

Design Crush A Home Full Of Color kitchen(sized)

Kitchen makeovers have always been one of my favorites. The lackluster befores.  The spectacularly jaw-dropping afters. Transforming a tired space into something fresh and new. Especially, on a modest budget. Shavonda, the creative force behind A Home Full Of Color, knew her basic brown kitchen could be so much more.  So through the magic of paint and a few creative solutions, Shavonda and her family were able to transform … [Read more...]

The Year For Paperwhites

1-3-14n 038 Paperwhites @

Paperwhite. Such a light and happy flower. Each Spring, I start dreaming, longing, yearning (did I say, yearning?) and wanting a beautiful blooming pot of paperwhites. But each year goes by with me forgetting to plant them. Every. Single. Time. So I end up with an empty pot and a resolution to try to remember to do it the next year.   Well, here is some excitedly, terrific news: this is next year! Yes, it … [Read more...]

Favorite Projects of 2013

Collage-2013 group (edited)

As the year 2013 swings to a close, it seems appropriate to reminisce. To view the favorites and most popular. Projects, that is. This past year at Charming Zebra has seemed to just speed on by.  A savage onslaught of the flu hit our family hard and basically took over most of the month of December.  Christmas was more of a subdued and sober affair with me spending a good portion of the time in bed. All blogging and holiday projects … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour 2013

12-12-13n 068 Christmas Tour @

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. In rooms filled with sparkle, glitter, twinkle and shine. And since I tend to like everything, I settled on three different decorating themes this year. Pretty in Pink; Woodland Deer; and Seeing the Blues. Please enjoy this image-laden Christmas … [Read more...]

Shiny Brites (My Newest Love.)

12-12-13n 167 Shiny Brites @

Shiny Brites. An unexpected vintage find. I happened to stumble upon these glorious globes of color while I was snooping around the local antique mall.  I was on the hunt for a mid-century piece and unfortunately, was failing miserably.  I was grumbling to myself about the astronomically high prices, when I passed by a booth all decked out for Christmas. A little slice of vintage holiday heaven.   Among the mountains of … [Read more...]

A Trio of Twinkling (Christmas Trees 2013)

12-9-13n 203 Christmas Tree @

Sparkle and shine. Merry and bright. My Christmas trees are standing tall about the house like a trio of twinkling sentinels. Ushering in the holiday spirit.   This is the second season I've had the white tree.  It was an after Christmas special from Wal-mart two years ago.  It's a cheap little tree, but after it's wrapped in lights and ornaments, it simply glows.   My Christmas spiders have crawled into … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel 2013

12-5-13n 092 Christmas Mantel @

This year, I wanted my Christmas mantel to be simple and glittery and pink. Every 4-year-old, little girl's dream.   I started with using a grouping of empty frames and then added a few festive touches. Rosy, posy, pretty in pink. I threw a few mirrored balls into the mix to up the shine factor.   And did you notice that my deer is sporting a little bling? She insisted on wearing a tiara. And I … [Read more...]

Fire & Ice Pickles

12-3-13n 049 Fire & Ice Pickles @

Last week, we received our first holiday goodie of the season. My husband was thrilled. It wasn't chocolate or cookies or homemade bread.  Not pie or pudding or even fruitcake (that seasonal favorite.)  It was a small, unassuming jar of pickles.  Yes, pickles.  Special, incredibly good Fire & Ice pickles, to be exact. Each December, our friend, Terri, generously bestows us with a gift of her spicy and sweet holiday … [Read more...]

Advent Ornament Calendar

12-1-13n 014 Advent Ornaments @

I love holiday traditions at this time of year. At least I did when my children were young. Now that my kiddies are in their teens, some of our usual holiday traditions need to be retired or possibly updated.  Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve or sprinkling "reindeer food" on the front lawn just doesn't seem to hold the same magic as before. For years, we have done an advent calendar based on children's books.  I would wrap … [Read more...]

Air Plants and Great Conversation

11-29-13n 037 Air Plant @

My friend, Beth and I were chatting the other day. As friends sometimes do. Our conversation weaved through different subjects and ended up evolving into air plants.  Tiny, little, spidery, delicate plants that thrive without soil.  Just air and a light misting of water is all that is needed. And a cute planter, of course. Beth confided to me that she had discovered a few air plants (discounted) at her local grocery store in the … [Read more...]

How a Deer Head Ended Up On My Thanksgiving Table

11-26-13n 052 Thanksgiving Table @

I had all kinds of big ideas for my Thanksgiving table decor this year. Terrific, delicious, fabulous plans. I had visions of a stunning centerpiece crafted out of fruit and fresh flowers.  Legions of brass candlesticks with cream and white tapers.  And charming little animal place card holders.  (In shiny gold, of course.) Unfortunately, all those lovely things needed to be acquired through monetary means. So, I went to the various … [Read more...]