Messing With My Mantel

Nikon 1-18-13 024snooty pig

Tweaking.  Messing.  Changing. Whatever you call it, I just can't seem to leave my mantel alone. Meet one of it's newest residents, Snooty Pig.  You may have noticed the wings.  And, yes, Snooty Pig is a flying pig, as in "when pig's fly."  Now, I haven't actually witnessed this little oinker taking flight, myself.  Maybe his aviation tendencies come alive at night when everyone else is asleep.  (I'll have to ask my nocturnal kitty.) The … [Read more...]

Home Progress So Far

nikon 9-9-12 045snowy owl vignette

  Well, I started my 30 day house shape up a few days ago and have been able to work on something directly relating to improving the house every day. Most of the time I labored inside with an overworked paint brush but one day I was able to combine my errands with a few antique store "pop-ins." I was able to work on the fireplace mantel a bit, too.  The snowy owl above was brightened up with white paint.   The owl was … [Read more...]