Design Crush: The Turquoise Iris

Design Crush the turquoise iris

Today, I'm crushing on the creatively eclectic style of Dionne from The Turquoise Iris.  Dionne searches for unloved pieces of furniture and then applies a little makeover magic, turning each piece into something special.  She also has mad styling skills.  (Combining a southwestern inspired rug with a beachy theme is pure genius!) So be sure to take the time to pop on over to The Turquoise Iris to see more of Dionne's creative talent. ~Miss … [Read more...]

Real Mind Readers (And Yummy Cookies.)

Nikon 3-14-13 082bakers twine

At any given time, I seem to have various project and blogging ideas knocking around in my head.  (Similar to an overactive pinball machine, I suppose.) I bought this pink and white baker's twine last December.  And although I've already used it in my Mini Heart Garland (see here), my real vision for this baker's twine was to tie it around a stack of freshly baked sugar cookies.   And I envisioned staging the bundle of cookies … [Read more...]

Messing With My Mantel

Nikon 1-18-13 024snooty pig

Tweaking.  Messing.  Changing. Whatever you call it, I just can't seem to leave my mantel alone. Meet one of it's newest residents, Snooty Pig.  You may have noticed the wings.  And, yes, Snooty Pig is a flying pig, as in "when pig's fly."  Now, I haven't actually witnessed this little oinker taking flight, myself.  Maybe his aviation tendencies come alive at night when everyone else is asleep.  (I'll have to ask my nocturnal kitty.) The … [Read more...]