String Art Deer

10-29-13n 050 String Art @

I remember watching this slightly goofy candy commercial. A few years back, when I was a wee lass. In the commercial, one person would be gaily strolling along the sidewalk, eating out of an open jar of peanut butter.  (A common occurence.)  And another equally happy person would be walking in the opposite direction eating a chocolate bar.  Somehow, the chocolate bar eating person would slip (on an errant banana peel, perhaps?) and fall … [Read more...]

Messing With My Mantel

Nikon 1-18-13 024snooty pig

Tweaking.  Messing.  Changing. Whatever you call it, I just can't seem to leave my mantel alone. Meet one of it's newest residents, Snooty Pig.  You may have noticed the wings.  And, yes, Snooty Pig is a flying pig, as in "when pig's fly."  Now, I haven't actually witnessed this little oinker taking flight, myself.  Maybe his aviation tendencies come alive at night when everyone else is asleep.  (I'll have to ask my nocturnal kitty.) The … [Read more...]