Easy Valentine Garland

1-2-15n 295e Easy Valentine Garland @ CharmingZebra.com

Easy Valentine Garland  I'm definitely a fan of over-the-top decorating. Pile on the glitz and the glam.  The more, the merrier. But every once in a while, something simple does the trick. A mini heart garland.  Perfect for a little pop of Valentine color. Now, I actually made this garland a few years ago.  (Tutorial here.)   But it's back again and ready to celebrate.  With the season of love and overindulging oneself with … [Read more...]

All That Glitters Is Gold (Easy Duck Tape Garland)

1-15-14n 043 Duck Tape Garland @ CharmingZebra.com

It's party time up in here. Celebrating my man's birthday. Now, my dear husband, is definitely not a lover of glitter, glam nor glitz.  No, sir.  So, it's up to me to bring a little sparkle to his life. Perhaps a birthday garland made of shiny gold duck tape will do the trick.   Did you know that you can find Duck Tape in shiny gold? For those times when you need to whip up a stylish prom dress or impress someone with … [Read more...]

Playing With Pom-Poms

Nikon 3-23-13 026banner garland

Simple. Fluffy. Pom-Poms. Not the most sophisticated crafting item on the shelf, but quite possibly the most fun.   I've been looking for an opportunity to play around with pom-poms for awhile now.  Colorful, puffs of fluff.  What's not to love? I was able to find a pack of pastel pom-poms hanging around on the shelf during my scavenging at the local Dollar Tree.  When I returned home I pulled out my trusty pink and … [Read more...]

A Vintage, Old, Used Window

Nikon 3-15-13 020close side

It's no secret that I have a special place in my heart for the everyday items of yesteryear. For all things vintage Retro Antique Used and just really plain old. Items that are no longer needed for their primary purpose and can be re-imagined into something new.  My two-paned window is the perfect example.  It came into my life about 2 years ago.  I discovered the window at one of those chain thrift stores for $6.99.  (Back when … [Read more...]

14 Love Notes

Nikon 2-2-13 052blurry side

Four for the price of one. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? When I started thinking about a craft for Valentine's day, four ideas kept circling around in my head.  And since I couldn't figure out the logistics of stuffing John Stamos into a cake, I had to settle for: garland, advent, pinwheels and love notes.  And instead of trying to choose just one, I decided to get a little crazy and mix all four of them together. For a super … [Read more...]

Mini Heart Garland

Nikon 1-23-13 043close up

I just borrowed the ultimate sappy, tear inducing, love gone wrong-gone right, Valentine's movie from our community library. You see, I needed to get in the mood.  (Yes, the mood.) The mood for decorating with love, hugs and kisses, that is. Playing around with Valentine's decor is such fun!  I enjoy it because I can go to crazy town with one of my favorite hues (Pink!).   I also like the fact that just a little valentine love can make a … [Read more...]

Super Easy Fabric Light Garland

nikon 10-30-12 093rag lights

The end of the year always seems to speed by way too fast.  I don't know if it's because my children are older now and growing up so fast or if it's because I'm getting older too.  (Must be the kids...)  I just want to hold up my hands and say "Stop, growing up so fast!  I just want to enjoy you a little longer." (Well, enough of a mother's mushy hearted musings...) One of the enjoyable things about the holidays for me is all the fun crafts … [Read more...]