Christmas Mantel: 2014

12-5-14n 003 Christmas Mantel @

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With baubles and balls, snowflakes and lights. I decided to go with a garland for the holiday mantel decor this year.  It started out looking like an extension of the Christmas tree with the same ribbon, snowflakes and silver ornaments.  I then added pink and red balls to punch it up a bit. For the top of the mantel, I ended up using what I already had on hand.  I try to incorporate the … [Read more...]

Falling Into Autumn

9-17-14n 154 Fall Mantel @

Crisp Autumn breezes. Colorful canopies of leafy trees. Piles and piles of pumpkins. It's Fall, y'all!  (Well actually, Autumn officially starts next week, if you're a calendar kind of girl.) The changing of the seasons is quite busy fun for home decor/ DIY bloggers.  Especially the last few months of the year.  So many holidays centered around home, friends and family. And despite the Texas heat, the trappings of Fall are … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel (And a Design Trend I’m Not Willing to Let Go)

9-9-14n 025 Silverleaf Sunburst Mirror @

The continuous changing of design trends tend to remind me of a giant carousel. But instead of colorful, fantasy creatures gaily spinning around, I envision specific design trends passing through time. If you stand in one place, you may see the chevron horse, the pallet-wood lion, the shabby-chic ostrich or the gallery wall zebra.  In view for a while, until the next new-again thing comes around into view.  Slowly pushing the other trends … [Read more...]

Mini Heart Garland

Nikon 1-23-13 043close up

I just borrowed the ultimate sappy, tear inducing, love gone wrong-gone right, Valentine's movie from our community library. You see, I needed to get in the mood.  (Yes, the mood.) The mood for decorating with love, hugs and kisses, that is. Playing around with Valentine's decor is such fun!  I enjoy it because I can go to crazy town with one of my favorite hues (Pink!).   I also like the fact that just a little valentine love can make a … [Read more...]

Messing With My Mantel

Nikon 1-18-13 024snooty pig

Tweaking.  Messing.  Changing. Whatever you call it, I just can't seem to leave my mantel alone. Meet one of it's newest residents, Snooty Pig.  You may have noticed the wings.  And, yes, Snooty Pig is a flying pig, as in "when pig's fly."  Now, I haven't actually witnessed this little oinker taking flight, myself.  Maybe his aviation tendencies come alive at night when everyone else is asleep.  (I'll have to ask my nocturnal kitty.) The … [Read more...]

Home Progress So Far

nikon 9-9-12 045snowy owl vignette

  Well, I started my 30 day house shape up a few days ago and have been able to work on something directly relating to improving the house every day. Most of the time I labored inside with an overworked paint brush but one day I was able to combine my errands with a few antique store "pop-ins." I was able to work on the fireplace mantel a bit, too.  The snowy owl above was brightened up with white paint.   The owl was … [Read more...]