Christmas Mantel: 2014

12-5-14n 003 Christmas Mantel @

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With baubles and balls, snowflakes and lights. I decided to go with a garland for the holiday mantel decor this year.  It started out looking like an extension of the Christmas tree with the same ribbon, snowflakes and silver ornaments.  I then added pink and red balls to punch it up a bit. For the top of the mantel, I ended up using what I already had on hand.  I try to incorporate the … [Read more...]

Shiny Brites (My Newest Love.)

12-12-13n 167 Shiny Brites @

Shiny Brites. An unexpected vintage find. I happened to stumble upon these glorious globes of color while I was snooping around the local antique mall.  I was on the hunt for a mid-century piece and unfortunately, was failing miserably.  I was grumbling to myself about the astronomically high prices, when I passed by a booth all decked out for Christmas. A little slice of vintage holiday heaven.   Among the mountains of … [Read more...]

Is It Too Early For Christmas Decorating?

Pink ornament wreath

I'm a rule breaker. Yes, it's true. I'm planning on breaking my self-imposed rule of not setting out a single bit of glitz or Christmas bling until Thanksgiving is officially over. It's only fair.  All those pumpkins and pilgrims and fake autumn leaves need their moment to shine.  I mean, who wants to have Thanksgiving dinner next to a blinking Christmas tree, anyway? Ah, that would be me. I'm so anxious to get started tossing the … [Read more...]

A Little Bit of Pink

flower pot cupcake 1@ CharmingZebra

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kiddos. No more homework.  No more books.  No more teachers' dirty looks.  (Or something like that...) It also means that the Summer celebration has officially begun. In looking back over some of my blog posts two years ago, a few stuck out.  Reminding me of the casual days of Summer with a touch of pink.  (Even if the projects themselves, may have actually been done in the Spring.) The first … [Read more...]

Mini Heart Garland

Nikon 1-23-13 043close up

I just borrowed the ultimate sappy, tear inducing, love gone wrong-gone right, Valentine's movie from our community library. You see, I needed to get in the mood.  (Yes, the mood.) The mood for decorating with love, hugs and kisses, that is. Playing around with Valentine's decor is such fun!  I enjoy it because I can go to crazy town with one of my favorite hues (Pink!).   I also like the fact that just a little valentine love can make a … [Read more...]

A Little Serendipity

nikon 10-19-12 035flower print

Thrifting is usually somewhat of a hit or miss. A game of chance. So when you find something that you didn't know you were even looking for it can be a little serendipitous. A happy accident.   I simply adore this pink and lavender flower art. It was created by one of my favorite artists. My high school aged daughter made it with wax and paint when she was in the third grade.  I've always loved it but have never hung … [Read more...]