Valentine Pretzel Treats

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Valentine Pretzel Treats. Today as I strolled through the supermarket, casually tossing items into my shopping cart while attempting to remember the lyrics to the newest song of that artist whose name I can't recall, I came upon a delightful display of pink confections. Since another consumer-driven holiday filled with sweets, treats and goodies was just around the corner, the store was definitely working overtime at meeting its quota of … [Read more...]

Easy Valentine Garland

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Easy Valentine Garland  I'm definitely a fan of over-the-top decorating. Pile on the glitz and the glam.  The more, the merrier. But every once in a while, something simple does the trick. A mini heart garland.  Perfect for a little pop of Valentine color. Now, I actually made this garland a few years ago.  (Tutorial here.)   But it's back again and ready to celebrate.  With the season of love and overindulging oneself with … [Read more...]

14 Love Notes

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Four for the price of one. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? When I started thinking about a craft for Valentine's day, four ideas kept circling around in my head.  And since I couldn't figure out the logistics of stuffing John Stamos into a cake, I had to settle for: garland, advent, pinwheels and love notes.  And instead of trying to choose just one, I decided to get a little crazy and mix all four of them together. For a super … [Read more...]

Mini Heart Garland

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I just borrowed the ultimate sappy, tear inducing, love gone wrong-gone right, Valentine's movie from our community library. You see, I needed to get in the mood.  (Yes, the mood.) The mood for decorating with love, hugs and kisses, that is. Playing around with Valentine's decor is such fun!  I enjoy it because I can go to crazy town with one of my favorite hues (Pink!).   I also like the fact that just a little valentine love can make a … [Read more...]