I Lost 26 Pounds Fast in 2 Weeks Without Exercise (Here’s How!)

No Angry German is a side project with many different intentions, including getting things off my chest that I feel need to be shared with the world. 

Suppose you are intrigued by the weight loss experienced by some the celebrities like Rebel Wilson or Ethan Suplee. In that case, this may be the site you’ve been looking for.

Sherry Yard and Chris Sullivan have the same thing: they are human. They have had the same biological processes they had to go through to achieve the weight loss they have achieved. While these people may be more famous than you and I, they are still simply humans.

No Angry German is a personal blog where things are shared that I generally find interesting. There is no clear focus on the path forward. Suppose you do go on to read more about my story. You may find out that there are certain things I find interesting. They’re often some of them that conventional border opinion. We will be looking at some of my health or business-related interests. 

Should you find anything interesting on this page, I would love it if you share it with the people you find it interesting. Some alternative health views will be shared with the site’s initial focus. That is, at least if you subscribe to the whole idea of eating 3 main meals per day while snacking throughout the day. 

Some of these posts may never lead to full and developed posts. In contrast, I might delve deeper into topics that I find interesting. 

My current focus can be described as not aligning with conventional media. Many people struggle with various health issues across the globe, especially in the US. Many stem from sub-optimal life choices regarding nutrition and other life choices related to sleep and alcohol. 

The population’s general health is rapidly declining. My overall approach is to see whether certain things can be radically changed to get significantly better results and improve the ease of the process.

For instance, I have recently become increasingly interested in how our nutritional choices affect our way of living. It includes what we can do not just to live longer but also live better. 

The overarching sentiment that prevails is that weight loss needs to be hard. There is a big group of people who believe that weight loss needs to be hard. It needs to include various things that I would much rather be without. 

Over time, I have met various people trying to lose weight and quit cigarettes. Maybe they want to improve their sleep or whatever their hearts desire. However, the various approaches that people seem to take seem incredibly counterintuitive. 

When it comes to weight loss, many people believe that the easiest way to do so is by counting the number of calories they are consuming daily. While it may seem intuitive, tracking how many calories you consume daily seems overly complicated.

You don’t just need to be making sure that you have everything written down that you have been consuming throughout the day. Still, you also need to figure out the overall amount of calories you were consuming in that meal. 

It seems tedious – because it is. Not only that, but you may not always be able to accurately track the specific amount of calories in the food. You may not even be entering the right information into the document or app you are using. On top of that, the model relies on you knowing how many calories your body is consuming daily. It means you will need to be tracking your daily exercise levels and accurately tracking their level of intensity.

All of that sounds extremely extensive and boring. There is a whole range of possibilities that you may be making a mistake along the way. 

There may be certain other lines of thinking when it comes to how you could go about losing weight in a seemingly more natural way. Some subscribe to the idea that intuitive eating is the way to achieve your weight and health goals.

Quickly skim through the pages on those principles. I would love for anyone to confidently say that the idea of intuitive eating has been what has changed their life. Their guiding principles include “feeling your fullness” when looking closer at it. Whatever that means. 

I can tell you this much. When I was at my heaviest, I could eat a relatively good portion of food while still not feeling full. Many people suffer from weight problems, and the problem has only gone up over the years. I refuse to believe that the way to achieve sustainable change is by “respecting your body.” It is one of the other guiding principles they advocate for on their website. 

Having been around for 28 years so far, I believe I have a pretty good sense of the number of calories my body needs. I know what it needs to perform the function I am looking to have it perform. If I were always to “respect my body” and the cravings it sends my way, I would be living off of a diet that consists mainly of Domino’s and M&M’s. I’d pour them down with substantial amounts of Coca-Cola as well. 

I am all in favor of people making life decisions and changing how they are going about things. I have personally gone through various weight classes. That is not to say that I have ever considered myself massively overweight. I was previously at a stage where I was not happy with the way that my body looked. Rather than encouraging an unhealthy body, encouraging easy-to-follow principles could encourage an improvement in the overall state of health.

Regarding obesity and body positivity, it is important to remember that obesity has been linked to an increase in the rate of various cancers. It causes significant wear on the body in general, like the knees. It cannot be argued to be healthy. 

If someone wishes to stay a rather large size actively, they are free to do so. It is entirely wrong to encourage it as a practice that is considered safe, as this may also impact how it’s perceived among children. 

There is a reason why sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy that is significantly shorter than that of the average Japanese male. Sumo wrestlers are only expected to live somewhere between 60 and 65. It is more than 10 years shorter than its comparable counterparts. 

I feel that you should allow anyone to live life the way they desire to, for as long as they aren’t harming anyone else. If someone gets satisfaction out of smoking, then that is a choice I will let them have. It’s the same way we have been putting the nasty pictures on the little cartons containing these cancer sticks. I would also like to further the cause that we are at least being truthful. It’s important when we are telling people whether they are putting something in their mouth. It is ultimately extremely unhealthy.

Hopefully, my desire with this website will help some people get meaning in their lives. If I can help people get to their goals, that is a very big measure of success for this website. That would make me think that I have achieved everything here that I could want to.

If your goal is to lose weight and you find some level of personal success from reading the articles I have on the topic, that is great. This website is not made to be the one with the most extreme measures by choice. However, we may be exploring certain topics that you won’t find many other websites recommending for reasons that I do not understand. 

I intend that there will be a great focus on topics I believe have been overlooked for too long in the weight loss community. You cannot simply believe that one calorie is the same as another. The body takes in what you feed it. If you feed it pure garbage, you simply won’t be gaining the nutrients your body requires. It’s likely leaving you feeling horrible. Whether you consume a calorie from carbs, protein, or fat, your body will have different bodily reactions. By understanding these interactions, you can start getting the results you want. Suppose you are trying to put on additional muscle. You are increasing the amount of time you spend at the gym and the intensity at which you work out when you’re there. You can’t achieve the muscle-building results you are hoping for if you aren’t consuming the necessary protein to allow muscle building. 

Maneet Chauhan and Phil Mickelson may have had impressive weight loss journeys. Still, the reality is that they have all had to go through the same thing to drop the pounds they have dropped. It is their dietary situation.

I have had great success in achieving the desired weight loss and a range of other benefits from engaging in water fasting, like a 7-day long water fast. I believe it is an incredibly powerful tool when done sensibly. I will be happy to say there are ways of doing things wrong. It includes things like not engaging in the practice if you are already at a bodyweight that may not be safe. 

When you are fasting, there are things you should know before you choose to delve into this adventure. It’s important if it is one that you have an interest in. From my personal experience, I can tell you I was entirely hesitant at first. My hesitancy stemmed from my mind being pre-conditioned to the notion that there was only one right way to lose weight. That way is the absolute hardest way of them all. It consists of eating small, regular meals. It’s increasing the amount of cardio that you do. 

What if I told you I believe you can achieve your weight loss goal? You can do it in a way that will be a lot easier for you in the long term. It will have a massive impact on your health besides simply giving you the strength to lose the weight you want to lose. 

5 Tips on How to lose weight fast without the need for exercise

I’ve previously lost 27 pounds in as little as 15 days, as you can see if you watch the videos on my Youtube channel. All you have to do to achieve great weight loss goals yourself is to:

  • Subscribe to this website.
  • Open your mind up to a new way of thinking.
  • Be ready to skip meals.
  • Eat without feeling limited on eating days.
  • Be ready to try out fasting or intermittent fasting.

The good thing about this blog is that that is exactly what it is – it is my blog, and I choose solely what I will be writing about. If I wake up tomorrow feeling like a different topic I want to write about, I can easily do so. 

I won’t be telling you that you can’t be eating a piece of chocolate cake once in a while if that is what you want to do. Still, I will show you the science behind the various principles we’ll explore on this website. 

I have lost roughly 35 lbs over a year, which was an absolute nightmare. I was cutting it the traditional way. On the other hand, I have now also tried entirely not eating. I did a 9-day water fast. Yes, I intended to do a 10-day water fast. I cut it a day short as I wouldn’t say I liked how I was feeling towards the end. 

My whole philosophy may be that it is a great tool that you can use. I will also encourage you to take precautions. It includes listening to your body when it tells you that you ought to be changing the direction you are heading in. 

I would encourage you to read the about me section to understand how my living with a neuromuscular disorder. It has played a large role in pursuing a fasting journey. 

I intend to share a detailed video log as I plan to do longer water fast than the 9 days that I have achieved. I would ideally like to do 14 or 21 days. 

There are scientific reasons you may want to extend your fasts longer than simply doing the more commonly popularized intermittent fasting regimens. You are likely increasing the self-cleaning aspects that your body undergoes with one of these extended projects. 

Maybe you are a person who has previously been struggling with weight loss, and you may not be ready to do extensive water fast. You should easily be able to start dropping those pounds by switching to a slightly less strict fasting regimen like OMAD. Intermittent fasting is also a great option. With those methods, you might limit your eating window to 4 or 6 hours per day. 

I will also be happy to admit that I have a bad tendency to break the fast early. Am I a little bit disappointed in myself? But if I set out to do a 10-day water fast and do 9 days, I have still gotten extremely far. That only sets me up to be increasingly eager to hit the goal the next time I try it out. Nothing is embarrassing about not reaching the desired goal that you immediately set out to achieve. It is about getting closer to the goals that you want to achieve. 

I will also be sharing some of the before and after weight loss results. It includes pictures of when I am doing these extensive water fasts. You’ll be able to see that the weight does show a difference of more than 20 pounds when doing a 10-day water fast. However, it is important to know that not all of that is fat and that some of it will inevitably be coming back as you start eating again. 

One of the great reasons I believe so many people fail to lose weight is because they have no clue what they should be expecting. It can be very demoralizing to see the scale go down by more than 20 pounds over 10 days to see it jump right back up.

Are you preparing for what may be ahead? If you choose to start fasting, you may also stick to it and see some of the results that I have personally been able to achieve. You’ll reach your own goals while still remembering that you are on a journey to bring those numbers on the scale in the direction that you are seeking. Maybe you manage to lose 10 lbs during a fast, but you regain 5 lbs afterward. You have managed to move toward your goal. 

Additionally, it is important to know that you will always regain some weight when you stop a fast and start the refeeding process. This may even be going on after you end the fast. That will especially be the case if you have been going on a relatively long fast. Suppose you are doing either OMAD or intermittent fasting. In that case, you won’t be seeing those same fluctuations when you are stepping on the scale. 

I will also encourage you not to rely on the scale, although the scale is a good thing. Suppose you want to be measuring your results. It is a lot better if you measure the results in what you see visually. It is especially the case if you aren’t just working on improving your weight. You are also working on changing up your entire body and adding additional muscle to your frame. It can significantly change the way that you look and carry yourself. 

The science is seemingly unclear about how easy it is to put on muscle weight while losing fat. At the very least, you may get a very misleading picture if you manage to put on 5 pounds of muscle while losing 5 pounds of fat. 

Suppose you are getting started at the gym. It is not unlikely to think that you will be able to put on an additional 5 pounds of muscle. These are what people generally refer to as “newbie gains.” That initial muscle layer is significant and can help you massively change how you look, feel and carry yourself. When you can additionally drop 5 pounds of fat, you may see significant changes to your body’s overall appearance. If you step on the scale in the process, maybe you see the weight has remained the same throughout. 

In that situation, having pictures to prove that you have been consistent may be what keeps you on track. It’ll keep you going.