Best Fish Fillet Knives

When it comes to kitchen knives, having the best fish fillet knife is a definite essential for when you wish to catch fish.  This particular knife has a very sharp and thin blade that enables you to extract the bones and excessive skin from fish; a good fillet knife works well for big and small fish. Most fillet knives also have around twelve to fifteen degrees edge beveling to ensure delicate fish cutting and method. This also works well in achieving the perfect cut.

A top-quality fillet knife is very crucial for skilled fishers, chefs or even regular kitchen usage. Filleting is no simple task, as it requires meticulous cutting and angling to ensure you do not waste or miss meat on certain areas. We have gathered a list of the best fish fillet knives for you that each come with their unique design and specialty. Read on as we also give you a guide on how to choose the best fish fillet knife.

These Are The Best Fish Fillet Knives

Dalstrong Fillet Knife Gladiator Series


This fillet knife is a 7-inch extraordinarily sharp and flexible blade that is only 1.5mm thick. This is genuinely a top-grade knife for filleting that you can wield in your ways. This Award-winning design fillet knife is made from premium materials. Dalstrong uses high-carbon German steel complete with a hand-polished edge between fourteen to sixteen degrees per slide. This ultra-sharp blade will assist you in filleting, skin trimming, deboning, and butterflying your fish with the utmost precision.

This concave fish fillet knife has an incredibly beautiful ebony Pakkawood handle for superb comfort and balance. Its full construction and triple rivets make it a highly durable choice. Moreover, a stainless steel end cap brings extra beauty and balance. The knife has two different covers, one for the drawer storage and one for outdoor adventurers.

Dalstrong brings a knife that is both excellent and stylish with its enhanced features and construction. This knife would be a fantastic addition to your kitchen knives collection. Its comfortable grip and premium grade quality make it worthwhile. Its protecting surface assures your safety when not in use.


  • Finger protective bolster
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance


  • Cannot stand the force
  • Blade tip prone to breakage

Buck 0220BLS Silver Creek Knife


Bucks brings you a fillet knife that uses premium materials for its high-end blade so that you can have this knife for a long time. The Silver Creek is made solely for cleaning fish; this lightweight ultra-sharp blade will give you a fulfilling professional filleting affair. You do not need a separate sheath for this knife because it comes with a folding feature, and you can put it in your back pocket, too. It is the best size at only six inches long, so it will easily fit any hand size.

It is made with titanium-coated stainless steel to stave off rust and to erode to ensure durability.  The handle is made with Bluegrass reinforced polypropylene with high-grade TPE rubber to provide the best grasp and comfort. This premium-grade knife’s handle and blade are set apart by a unique safety guard to avoid any open and close accidents.

This beautiful folding knife would be an outstanding choice if you have limited space in your backpack, and if you are an avid fishing fan. Buck is a leading name in the kitchen knife market, it always delivers quality, and the Blue Creek is a classic example.


  • Heavy duty
  • No-slip grip
  • Easy carrying


  • Hard to sharpen
  • Short handle

Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife


Morankiv made this knife particularly for the fishermen or those who need to prune much fish. This professional Mora knife comes in two unique models. The 6.1-inch is for filleting, and the 3.5-inch is for removing bones. Both models are extraordinary for filleting and are very reasonable. Its blade comes exceptionally sharp right out of the box, so you must use safety gloves to be extra cautious. This razor sharpness and high performance is owing to the Sandvik hardcore stainless steel used in this knife that reinforces its core and makes it more robust for prolonged usage.

This impressive Morakniv fillet knife comes with a high-friction rubber handle to ensure a steady grip. It will stay in your hands even when wet, and there is no danger of slipping. For comfortable carrying, the larger model contains two interchangeable belt clips so that you can fasten either hook or loop. The shorter model of this knife consists of a plastic sheath with an exclusive belt clip.

If you love to fillet fish and are eager to polish your craft further, then this will be your perfect choice. It is a proper combination of both performance and excellence to help you both with filleting and regular kitchen cutting, too.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for cutting veggies too
  • Suitable for small fish


  • Not very flexible
  • No blade protection

Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Knife


Here is a fantastic Tapered flex fillet knife by Bubba that is an excellent choice for small or large fish; it would even be perfect for meat slicing. The Bubba fishing knife has a seven-inch blade that is created from stainless steel. This knife is incredibly super thin, and this trait enables effortless maneuvering of filleting as its tapered edge works very well for any fish.  Its high-quality blade guarantees high durability and good performance.

Furthermore, another fine characteristic of this knife is its Ti-Nitride coating to deter any rust or corrosion. Therefore, you never have to worry about the blade losing its sharpness.  It has an exquisite red handle that comes with safety features. Bubba precisely engineered their signature textured handle to secure a non slip grip. It also features a superior safety trigger to assure safe filleting anytime, anywhere.

This knife’s design, features, and value make it an excellent purchase for outdoor fishing or home usage. Its particular user-friendly safety features set it aside from other knives. It is sure to be your filleting partner for a long time.


  • Synthetic sheath for safe carriage
  • Amazing grip
  • Lightweight


  • It gets dull too quickly
  • Toothy edge

Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife


If you are not a fan of sharpening knives, then this soft-grip fish fillet knife is the right choice for you.  It comes with a gorgeous black sheath and a single-stage knife sharpener to ensure your blade stays sharpened at all times. Its sharpener is also very easy to use, and within two minutes or less, you can make your knife razor-sharp for your next filleting chore.

This is the most inexpensive fillet knife from Rapala, and if you are a wanderer or fishing buff, it would be an excellent option for you. You can handily carry it with your other traveling accompaniments. This knife’s blade is made from a stainless steel blade, and its handle has the perfect molded texture to avoid any slipping. Besides, its finger guarding support will protect your finger from the blade and the pointy spines of fish.

This knife comes in various sizes from four to nine inches so you can take your pick. All the models ensure high-grade material and razor-sharp performance. Although the shorter blade will deliver the best cutting performance, it depends on your preference and knife handling level.


  • Added accessories
  • Small size
  • Premium quality


  • The handle could be longer
  • Very small grip

Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife


This is an eight-inch super flexible fillet knife by Mercer prepared with high-carbon Japanese steel. This is the perfect knife for cutting, slicing, and filleting fish, and its blade is very easy to sharpen. Its non-staining high-quality Japanese steel confirms it will curb rust and corrosion. Therefore, with this knife, you can effortlessly do any task from filleting to deboning in no time. Its long and slightly curved design is meant to bring you as much support as possible.

Mercer has been around for decades and is dedicated to bringing the best knives. This knife’s handle has a mixture of Santoprene that makes it more comfortable to hold, and polypropylene lends its lengthier stability. The knife’s textured finger points procure an impressive grip and do not hurt your hand no matter how long you use it. 

If you want a smart knife purchase, then this will be your ultimate pick. It has achieved all certifications and has made many users happy with its high-level performance and stability. It will be the perfect partner for all your filleting tasks its protective safety finger guard secures a comfortable process.


  • Slip resistant
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stain-resistant


  • No knife guard
  • Dangerously sharp

Rada Cutlery R200 Fillet Knife


The Rada Cutlery R200 fish fillet knife is the top choice of all professional fishermen as it is incredibly lightweight and quick to fillet with its curved blade. This knife’s blade is eight inches long, and its overall length is twelve inches. However, this high-quality fillet knife is constructed explicitly for the nonslip function so you can use it safely in any condition, both in the kitchen or outdoors.

It is made from surgical grade high carbon stainless steel and has a hand-sharpener for the most satisfactory razor-sharp edge. Its handle is made from black non slip rubber that will feel soft and secure in your hands and it also comes with a finger groove for steadier hold. Even its hollow-ground blade assures an exceptional concave surface to expand the edge retention. Its high-quality materials make it damage resistant and allow for easier cleaning.

You can use this knife to fillet all fish sizes, as it is a perfect blade for effortless filleting. You can also use this knife to eliminate meat bones and fish skin, as it is very versatile and does it all flawlessly. Another useful aspect of this knife is its black leather scabbard so you can safely carry it anywhere.


  • Super thin
  • Easy to carry
  • Thumb curve


  • Pricey
  • Lacks flexibility

Shun Cutlery Classic Fillet Knife


Seafood is among the most popular food in Japan, and this knife by Shun cutlery pays homage to that tradition by creating a Japanese style fillet knife. Its six-inch classic Japanese razor-sharp blade is specifically designed for meat boning and filleting. This excellent fishing knife is a both robust and super sharp option with an elegant shape. Its construction makes it very easy to use, and it efficiently cuts the meat from even the trickiest bones.

This eye-catching, beautiful stainless-steel classic blade has sixteen layers of high-carbon stainless steel on each side. It also consists of thirty three-layered Damascus stainless steel premium material that protects the blade from rust and corrosion. After heavy usage, you can use an adequate knife sharpening stone to make it razor sharp again for your next chore. The knife’s sleek, performance and balance are in its D-shaped handle. Its ergonomic layout is user-friendly to ensure a comfortable grip and luxurious look with its stunning Pakkawood handle. 

This fantastic knife is the top choice of all professional chefs for commercial use. You can use this versatile equipment for filleting fish, as its extraordinary features and ultra-performance are sure to impress you. Its unique handle also consists of a fused mixture of hardwood, and the endcap makes for enhanced balance.


  • Exclusive material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Minimal pressure, maximum result


  • Very expensive
  • Not for everyday usage

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Fillet Knife


This beautiful fish filleting knife has an exceptional high carbon seven-inch long blade with a hand-finished stain-free edge by Zwilling’s skilled knife crafters. Its premium material keeps it safe from rust and damage for better performance. This knife’s size and flexible blade guarantee the ideal cutting angle for filleting any fish with absolute precision and ease. This knife is also very easy to maintain because it is dishwasher safe and does not require careful cleaning.

The blade is engineered with 57 Rockwell Hardness with Friodur ice-hardening technology making it much more rigid and sharper. No stain can mar the blade and affect its high-quality material. It has a very distinct molded polypropylene handle and thanks to the company’s “Seamless Transition” for lending this knife a bonded handle to ensure maximum grip in every situation.

You will never feel exhausted with this knife even if you fillet for an extended period. This knife is best for both filtering and boning and sports Zwilling’s stunning black and silver signature design. The knife also features a bolster for perfect balance, and it has a finger safety guard for ultimate protection.


  • Perfect 15-degree angle
  • Flexible blade
  • Super-sleek


  • No protective sheath
  • Not very durable

Our Recommendation

While all these knives are top quality and work amazingly well, we would recommend Dalstrong Fillet Knife from their famous Gladiator Series. This knife is a high-level professional knife that is not limited to any skill level. It works best for both professional chefs and in the home kitchen. Not only does this knife glide through the meat smoothly, but its exclusive features and design also make it a top choice of all knife enthusiasts. Add in the fact that it has a very reasonable price tag, and you have a product that works like a dream and is budget-friendly.

It comes with great protection features and requires minimal maintenance to keep it working flawlessly for the longest time. Many users praise this knife for their robust build and durability rendering it superior.

Fish Fillet Knife Buying Guide

Before you decide to invest in a fish fillet knife, it is always better to understand what factors to consider before making a purchase. We have broken down some important aspects you should contemplate to ensure you pick the best.


The blade on a fillet knife is the most crucial part as it infers the type of cut you will make and how clean it will be.  For fish fillet knives, you should make sure the blade you are selecting is corrosion-resistant because being in wet atmospheres can hinder the blade’s performance. It would miss the mark if your knife could not stand some rust or erosion. A stainless steel blade can be a reasonable choice, and they are quite popular on fish fillet knives and come corrosion resistant.

Grip and Handle Comfort

When you are wielding your fillet knife, having one with a soft grip and handle can make slicing and dicing a lot manageable and quick. It also works wonders in not tiring out your hands and fingers for longer usage. Especially when you are out fishing, you may often use the knife with damp hands, which implies that a non slip grip may be vital for you. If you are wearing gloves, you should also make sure that you have a very firm and secure grip on the handle before you start slicing.

Knives come in a wide range of various handle materials, from wood to rubber to plastic. While it is a matter of preference what material you like.  Just ensure that it is comfortable enough for you to hold as you are cutting and what atmosphere you will be using in.


It is common to disregard size because sharpness is the priority, but size does matter.  It is very significant when it comes to selecting a knife because the appropriate size of a knife and blade can play an integral part in determining how easy it will be to cut and fillet a specific fish.  Blades come in an array of lengths, with each length fitted for a particular type and size of fish. However, shorter blades are more effective on smaller fish where you need more precision cutting.

The larger sized blades are better for larger fish, so keep that in mind when you pick yours. Moreover, you should assess the size of the knife when you think about your storage space. If you are short on space, a folding knife might be the perfect solution.


Along with the blade’s size, you will also want to evaluate its strength and vitality to make sure it can do the task you want. Fillet knives come in a range of blade thickness levels. This means that the thinner the blade, the more flexible it will be. A flexible knife can help work on smaller fish and extract bones, but may not be as useful at slicing larger fish due to lack of strength in the blade and excessive flexibility.

Safety Features

A fishing fillet knife can be a bit dangerous. Because it has an incredibly flexible and super sharp blade that easily cuts through the immense size of fish, you should look out for your safety while you fillet. Always carefully select knives for filleting with a particular safety bolster or finger guard so the blade will never cut your fingers. The safety bolster secures your fingers, and the blade guard sheaths the knife during storage. It would be best if you always looked out for this trait.

Tips to Sharpening a Fish Fillet Knife Safely

  • Draw the blade across the sharpening stone by steadily sweeping it from heel to tip as you go. Be firm but not too aggressive, or the blade’s material will chip off
  • Once you have a full-length burr on one side, sharpen it more to create a burr on the other side
  • Until you see a burr forming on the opposite side, you are not done sharpening your current side
  • End with blade-first strokes by making a slicing motion until the burr disappears entirely and you are good to go
Final Words

With an endless range of fish fillet knives to choose from, it can get overwhelming to find the best. We are confident that our list will help you opt for the knife most tailored to your needs. However, it would help if you also considered the factors we detailed to understand better what traits will work best for you. It all boils down to the matter of personal preference and the magnitude of filleting you need to do.

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