Super Easy DIY Fabric Light Garland

DIY christmas garland with lights

The end of the year always seems to speed by way too fast.  I don’t know if it’s because my children are older now and growing up so fast or if it’s because I’m getting older too.  (Must be the kids…)  I just want to hold up my hands and say “Stop, growing up so fast!  I just want to enjoy you a little longer.”

(Well, enough of a mother’s mushy hearted musings…)

One of the enjoyable things about the holidays for me is all the fun crafts and decor waiting to be made.  Especially out of items I might already have on hand.  I made a fabric light garland a few weeks back.  (A super easy project.)


I started out with a string of 100 colored lights on white wire.


step 2 garland

I also used some white cotton fabric.  I cut the fabric into 1 inch by 9 inch strips.   (I’m thinking that I had about 200 pieces.)    I folded the fabric up and just used my rotary cutter so it didn’t take too long to cut.

I then stretched out the string of lights.  I took a fabric strip and folded it in half.  Then I folded it again over the wire in between two lights and pulled the loose ends of the fabric all the way through the end of the fabric loop.   It was then tied to the string of lights.  I ended up tying two strips of fabric in between each light along the whole string.  (I was catching up on a t.v. show while doing it so it went fairly quickly.)



Lacey supervised but didn’t offer to lend a paw.


The finished string.  (Even without kitty’s assistance.)


It looked so much better with the lights plugged in.

DIY christmas garland on the stairs


I couldn’t wait to run the garland up my stairs to see how it would look for Christmas time.

I ended up liking it so much that I left it up for 3 days (with the Halloween decor, no less!)

It was such an easy and fun project that I made 3 more strings.  This time I used white lights on white wire.  I bought a 6 X 9 foot drop cloth for the fabric.  (I washed it first to soften it. )  These three turned out even better than the first one.  The drop cloth fabric was a little thicker so it gave the garland a fuller look.   I gave two strings to my sister as a gift and kept one for myself.

DIY christmas garland with lights

So what about you?  Have you already started making Christmas crafts and fiddling with holiday decor or do you have a self-imposed “no sparkly lights before Thanksgiving” rule?

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