Heat Diffuser for Glass Cooktop and Gas Stove

We can’t deny that glass top stoves add to the beauty and aesthetics of any kitchen. However, heavy pans and pots can easily damage glass top stoves if not carefully placed. Luckily, you can protect your investment by purchasing a heat diffuser, which will protect your glass top stove and gas stove against any accidental damage.

Below is a review of some of the best heat diffusers for glass cooktop and gas stoves in the market.

1. HIC Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Plate


First on our list is this heat diffuser from HIC that is designed to ensure even heat dispersion to your cookware. This unit is an ideal option if you are looking for an economical way to protect your food from burning or scorching.

Unlike most heat diffusers in the market, this simmer plate is crafted from perforated aluminum that provides the desired temperature while ensuring better energy efficiency. For this reason, it is safe to use on glass, gas, and electric stovetops.

If you purchase this handy heat diffuser, you can be assured that your cookware and dishes will remain in perfect condition. Better yet, this heat diffuser for glass top stove diffuser be used on small pots like espresso makers.

This unit is made of stainless steel that renders it exceptionally durable and resilient to rust and corrosion. Because of this, the diffuser will always last for a long time to protect your cookware and provide even heat distribution. Plus, it features an attached plastic handle. Cleaning this diffuser is amazingly easy as it is dishwasher-safe. Lastly, its compact size and removable handle makes storage hassle-free.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight design
  • Removable handle for easy storage
  • Minimizes food scorching and burns
  • Reasonably priced


  • Likely to flake off

2. COOZYER 9.45-inch Heat Diffuser


If you have pots and pans of all sizes and are looking for a diffuser that can accommodate them all, look no further than the Coozyer 9.45-inch heat diffuser. Whatever cookware you use, this unit will ensure that heat is quickly and evenly distributed. Moreover, it can be used with all types of induction burners as well as gas stoves for slow stew cooking.

The disc has three layers; with the upper and bottom layers featuring a stainless-steel construction while the middle layer is made of aluminum. This makes it possible for the induction diffuser plate to spread heat evenly on the cookware so that the food does not burn or overcook.

Impressively, this diffuser plate uses less heat, allowing you to save on energy bills. Plus, it is easy to use and clean and incudes a non-heating handle that will always keep your hands safe.


  • Works well with all pots
  • Energy-saving
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Ideal for slow stew cooking


  • Takes time to heat up
  • Handle may get hot

3. Kuhn Rikon Energy Saver/ Flame Protect 9.5-Inch


The Kuhn Rikon diffuser is a simple yet efficient unit that can help you avoid getting hot spots in your pan or pot. Although this product is on the higher side, it is guaranteed to provide you with incomparable performance, can prevent scorching, and will last for a long time.

It does an excellent job of slowing down the heat and distributing it evenly so your food can cook in low consistent temperature. The result of this is a savoring dish that your whole family will enjoy. So, it is a good choice for cooking heat-sensitive dishes that are otherwise prone to scorching.

This little heat diffuser for gas stove also has energy-saving features and can be cleaned with minimal effort. This is thanks to its nonstick coating. Better yet, you have a difficult finding storage because of its lightweight and compact features.


  • Scorch-resistant
  • Saves significant energy
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive dishes
  • Compact and lightweight


  • On the expensive side

4. ChefLand Heat Master Flame Tamer


Delicate and flavorsome dishes require incredibly low temperature to achieve the desired result. This is where this flam tamer comes in handy for slow cooking and simmering. This unit is crafted from aluminum steel and is engineered to ensure uniform heat distribution for gas stoves and electric tops.

Uniquely, the flame tamer has double-layered design with special air pockets that makes your pan a double burner. This means that you can use a single pot to do the work of double pots. This is particularly great when you want to melt cheese, chocolate, or butter.

Additionally, the special air pockets maintain heat efficiency to keep your dish from getting burnt or discolored. Also, the aluminum steel will keep your pots from discoloring. This will, however, cause the tamer to fade with time.


  • Features air pockets to control heat
  • Prevents pot discoloration
  • Features a double-layered design
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Aluminum steel may fade after a while
  • Takes a while to heat up

5. MaxiAids Flame Tamer Simmer Ring Aluminum Heat Diffuser


Made of aluminum, the MaxiAids Flame Tamer is suitable for those who are after an efficient heat plate without breaking the bank. Although it comes at an affordable price, this heat diffuser for gas stove offers the function and performance that other models beyond its price range offer.

For starters, this product has been designed to offer a layer of protection to your gas stove from heavy pots and pans. For proper heat distribution, this heat diffuser features small perforations. Heat distribution is also made possible by the aluminum construction. This allows for precise heating especially when melting cholate or cooking a delicate sauce.

Operating the MaxiAids heat diffuser is clear-cut and the safety of your hands is assured by the handy wooden handle. In terms of cleaning, this product can only be washed by hand but not using a machine.


  • Suited for gas stoves
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Includes wooden handle
  • Aluminum construction ensures durability and heat dispersion
  • Sensibly priced


  • Handle can be uncomfortable to use
  • Quality issues

6. ILSA Gas Burner Plate Diameter 12-cm Adapter


Are you looking for a heat diffuser to place your espresso maker or small mocha pot? Well, I would highly recommend the ILSA Gas burner plate. Measuring 12 cm in diameter, this unit is well crafted and will last for a long time.

The bottom of the product comes with small indentations that avert slippage when the pot is on top. This way, your coffee maker will always have a sturdier base. It also works great for cooking delicate sauces because of its slow and even heat distribution.


  • Great for coffee makers
  • Easy to use
  • Well-made
  • Offers a sturdy base


  • May not work for large pots

7. Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser


Another one in our list of heat diffusers for glass cooktop and gas stove is this SimmerMat heat diffuser from Cooks Innovations. This product is specifically designed for low heat and slow cooking dishes like rise, soup, and milk desserts, as well as for malting chocolate. It cooks evenly and eliminates hot spots that can cause food to scorch or burn.

If versatility matters to you, then you will be pleased to know that this diffuser is ideal to use on all cooking surfaces. You will not be limited to using it on glass cook tops, gas burner, electric coil, barbeque, or induction cook tops. Additionally, you can use it with different cookware materials like pottery, glass, Pyrex, porcelain, and corning ware.

With regards to cleaning, this heat diffuser for glass top stove stands out because it is safe to use in the dishwasher. This will eliminate the hassles of cleaning it with your hands. You will also be pleased to know that it has a lightweight and compact design, which is great for easy storage.


  • Suitable for all stoves and cooktops
  • Ideal for simmer and slow cooking
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks evenly
  • Great value for money


  • Tends to leave stains on cooktops

8. Artesia Induction Hob Heat Diffuser Aluminum/Stainless Steel Disc


The Artesia heat diffuser is yet another unit with great compatibility, that allows you to cook on induction burners using any type of cookware. For this reason, you will not need to invest in additional pans and pots to get your cooking started.

This aluminum/stainless steel diffuser is used to disperse heat quick and evenly while ensuring that your pots remain safe. You can rely on its premium quality since it is made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Something interesting is that the bottom of the disc features three lumps that aim at protecting the cooktop from overheating. They ensure that there is adequate space so that the induction burner always remains safe.

Apart from induction burner safety, this unit is also designed with safety of the cooker in mind. It features a handle that remains cool always to keep your hands from burning. Plus, the base of the handle is 3 feet to help avert overheating. This product works well with induction cooktop surfaces only. It is therefore not advisable to use it on your electric, gas or even radiant cooktop.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Durable design
  • Handle included
  • Prevents overheating of induction burner


  • Not ideal to use on electric or gas cooktops
  • May get discolored over time

9. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate


Cast iron is know for its heavy weight. However, we can’t deny the fact these cast-iron diffusers are what you need to disperse high heat while ensuring that your cookware remains safe always.

These flame reducers come in two sizes and works best for electric and gas stoves. Each diffuser plate features black enamel coating that protects pans from direct contact with the burner and this gets rid of burns. It only disperses heat for slow cooking and simmering and you will experience issues of your sauce boiling.


  • Great for electric and gas stoves
  • Eliminates scorched pans and food
  • Includes removable stainless-steel handles
  • Strong and durable
  • Offers protection against direct heat contact


  • A bit on the expensive side

What to look for, and a little bit more on the topic

We find a lot of people may not necessarily be interested in this aspect of the article. Some people simply come to this website and look at the recommendations that we are giving, and that is enough for them. That is great, if that’s the case! However, we also want to give you a little bit of a better understanding of the different situations that may be calling for you to use a heat diffuser. After all, you don’t want stovetop scorching, right?

Yes, we thought so. 

While having a powerful gas stove can be nice in a lot of situations, there are also reasons why it may be incredibly impractical. It may not always be possible to correctly adjust the gas with the precision required for the gastronomical wonder you’re working on. If you’ve previously experienced that you will try adjusting the heat of the flame simply to find yourself with no flame at all because it went out, that’s where the heat diffuser comes in handy. As you’re turning the nob, you’re managing to approach the amount of flame that you’re hoping to get out of it, but then suddenly the fire goes out – dang!

If you are preparing things in some sort of container that may not be able to handle as much direct heat as the gas flame offers, you will want to distribute the heat across a larger surface area. There are also certain types of foods where a gas flame may not be ideal, which, for instance, could be things like caramel. If you’re making caramel but not properly distributing the heat, you will see it burn, very fast. The heat diffusers act against this very easily and give you the results you’ve been looking for! 

However, there are various different things where the  food itself may call for you using this handy little tool as you’d otherwise burn it, or because you may be working with a tool unable to handle such amount of heat. Several recipes call for low-heat settings, like when you’re heating up milk, which in turn also makes sure that you’re not ending up with boiling milk all over the place, but it can also be a great thing for warming coffee or toasting flatbreads.

The weight & material

The weight of the actual object is something that you should look for. You may have your own preferences on whether or not you want it to be light or heavy. Other preferences that kitchen connoisseurs talk about is the type of material that you will use. It’s important to note that if you have kids, or if you feel like you’re a little bit distracted, you may not be willing to get a type of material that tends to keep heat for a long time, such as cast iron, whereas you’d be better off with a thinner, less dense material that loses heat quicker.


Heat diffusers are a great way to protect your cookware and glass tops form damage and burns. Although they do not offer permanent solutions, they are a great way to use old and heavy cookware on your newly acquired glass cooktop or gas stove. If you are overwhelmed by the choices available, we hope that this article helps you to narrow down the list.


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