Privacy Policy

No Angry German is a website that provides a bunch of services including various articles, videos and other resources believed to be interesting for the people that come by the website, platform and any other place where any of the content belonging to No Angry German may have been shared.

In order for us to be successful in our endeavors, there are certain things that we rely on, including having goodwill with the users of this website, including those people that may choose to go above and beyond and not just use our free content on this website, but perhaps the people that may even go ahead and subscribe to the various services that we provide on this platform and which help provide you the various content and services that we are offering.

Whether you are a user who is mainly interested in the free products on our site, or whether you are also interested in going above and beyond and support the team that is needed in order to make the website possible, we rely on your goodwill, and we do sincerely appreciate both when you come by to visit the website, but especially when you choose to share it with someone else who may benefit from knowing about the website.

In order to help maintain the much needed goodwill between you and us, we have created this page which is intended to help you better understand our privacy policy, how we use the various data, and the various steps that we take in order to help make sure that any data that may be sent between you and us is treated with the amount of care that it deserves.

While we do respect the privacy of our users, it is important to know that there is certain information that we gather here at No Angry German which is used in order to help further the experience that you have both when you are interacting with the site, however, we may also choose to use the data in which that we deem fit, even when you aren’t currently visiting the website, which includes by means of sending you newsletters.

It is important to know that this page is intended for you to get a broader understanding of our privacy policy measures, and it’s important that you additionally understand that this may not necessarily be an exhaustive list of ways in which we use the information that we gather.

Just like most other websites online, we rely on the collection of this data so that we can structure our offering as best as possible, whether it is on the platform or whether it is through other means. This privacy policy page, as well as the terms and conditions page that you can also find on our site outline the way in which we use all the collected data, as well as your rights when you are interacting with or in any other way using our website. 

We reserve the right to release the data that we collect at our discretion and use it as we see fit, although our main objective will always be to ensure that we are acting in a way that we believe will further the mission of the platform, while preserving the goodwill.

We additionally reserve the right to update both our privacy policy practices as well as our terms and conditions from time to time, having them go into effect immediately upon publication unless otherwise specified. As a user, you also agree that you will visit No Angry German’s privacy policy and terms and conditions pages and that your use of the platform can be considered to consent with the version of policies that are in place at the given time. 

We understand that many different services may end up on a slippery slope when it comes to the way in which they are treating their users and their data, and it is important for us to maintain the longevity, which is ensured by making sure that we can still focus on developing the product offering of the website, which is done by monetizing the platform in a range of ways, often so in ways that do not cost the individual user anything, such as through the showing of relevant ads that may be provided by us or a third party service, while still balancing the experience. 

In order to stay updated with the latest policies that we have in place, we ask that you bookmark the relevant pages so as to make it easier to periodically review our policies, and so as to ensure you are still agreeing to the terms that we set forth. 

If you have any questions, please proceed to contact us with any requests that you may have as to how No Angry German chooses to handle privacy concerns. We strive to be towards the better end of the industry when it comes to making sure that your data is properly secured when interacting with our platform, why we have chosen to ensure that you are engaging with an encrypted version of the site. 

While we may have a version of the site available that may not be encrypted, we do encourage you to make sure that you are visiting through the HTTPS version rather than the HTTP version. If you are properly visiting through the secure version, you are likely to see a small pad lock near the top of your URL section, which simply ensures you that it is the secure version. Interacting with the secure version means that user data is transmitted to us in an encrypted manner. 

The information that we gather at No Angry German

There are two types of information that we gather at No Angry German that may help us improve the product in various ways. In the sections below, we aim to give you a better understanding of the two types of information so that you may feel comfortable in interacting with our platform. 

  1. Non-personally identifiable information

This is the type of information that you will be handing over to a website if you are simply accessing as one of the most common types of users on this platform, by finding it through one of the major search engines. You may have typed something into Google like how to lose weight fast, and you are being introduced with the home page of this website. Given our incredible content (wink, wink) you choose to press the link that Google is displaying at which point you are starting to collect some of all the information we present.

As you have not interacted with our platform in a way in which we have been able to collect any personally-identifiable information on you, we can simply collect and aggregate the little information that your browser sends us, however there are ways for you to additionally limit our access to such information depending on which type of browser you are using to access the site. 

The most common information that we can collect when you are browsing our platform in such a manner is the type of information that is provided when cookies are stored on your device. The most usual information that that includes is statistical data on how our various users are using the platform, however no information that is sent to us this way actually constitutes anything that may be used to personally identify you. We may get some high level information on how the users are interacting with the platform, what they are looking at, how far down the pages they may be scrolling, what journey they are taking on the platform and and limited information on the IPs that are visiting our site, although we aren’t able to identify you on that basis. Access to an IP will, however, give us some sort of understanding as to the geographic location of connectivity and we may be able to determine the city that a user has visited from, depending on how their connectivity is set up. 

When a visit visits the platform through one of the major social networks or other related services out there on the internet, we may additionally be able to receive certain information that may be shared with us through the platforms that you are visiting us through. We encourage you to read the privacy policy pages of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google, as well as any other service that you may be visiting No Angry German through, so as to understand the type of information that they may be passing on.

While we do store a lot of data on our site with the intention of improving the overall performance of the site, like logging the IPs and operating systems, we cannot use this information for identification purposes. If you are additionally interested in finding out what constitutes non-personally identifiable information and how this is used, we encourage you to seek out additional information on the topic. 

By collecting this sort of information, we are able to better identify the sections of the website that we should be focusing on and thereby also improving our marketing efforts. We may choose to disclose some of this non-personally identifiable information with interested advertisers as we do incorporate direct advertising on the site in such a manner on a case by case basis. Sharing this information with those companies may give them a better understanding of the popularity of certain parts of the site, and it may include information like the amount of people that chose to interact with the advertisements that they may have placed on the site. 

The simplest way in which you can ensure that No Angry German is limited in the ability for us to collect such information is by disallowing the use of cookies on your site. Visiting the site in “incognito” mode may also be preferred for the users that want to ensure that you they aren’t seeing various advertisements around the internet as a consequence of their interaction with this website. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that no information is passed on to us, and it is your responsibility and your responsibility solely to ensure that no information is passed on should you feel strongly about the purpose. The traditional way that you can make sure that No Angry German does not in fact receive any information when you are visiting our platform is by limiting the use of cookies, however, you should know that that could also end up impacting your user experience, and there may be certain offerings that are not available to you as a consequence.

We often find that people that are looking to lose weight may come to one of our initial articles, like the one on losing face fat, and a natural path to follow that would either be to go towards one of our more generic articles on losing fat, like the home page which is intended on getting people familiarized with the overall content of the site. However, if you have an interest in fasting, like a 72 hour water fast, we may also decide that we should be presenting you with various resources that might help you on your mission to get your first water fast going. 

If you choose that you are ready to get started on your very first water fast, great! We hope we can be there along the way in order to help you achieve the health goals that you may have had in mind when you initially looked up whatever search term ended up bringing you to this platform – it is absolutely our honor that you are choosing to join us on this special journey, especially if you have already tried various types of dieting, potentially without any real success in the past. We are really here because we want to help you change that! Your visit to No Angry German is hopefully one that will transform your life in a sustainable way, while using the power of positivity to make you a healthier version of yourself!

In order for us to present you with the right type of information, like potentially a guide on how you can start fasting as well, we do require the storage of cookies on your computer, which are small text files that provide us the necessary, non-personally identifiable information, however still allowing us to present information to our users on other platforms like Facebook. When you may have visited one of the relevant pages on No Angry German, we may be able to set up a filter that means you could be seeing the advertisements for our various offerings on facebook, depending on the pages you have visited on the platform. With the use of cookies, we aren’t able to personally identify you and no one is going to be sending you any mail on the basis of your visit, however, we do use it in order to hopefully help match our users with relevant information, even after they have left the platform through the use of ads. There is no malicious intent with the storage of cookies, and having cookies being stored on your computer will not in any way affect its performance. You may also be accessing our site through your phone, tablet or other digital device in which case cookies will also be stored.

The web browser of your choice will be able to provide you with instructions on how you can deactivate the use of cookies across the internet, however, if you choose to do so, there may be significant changes to your ability to interact with websites, including services like online banking and Facebook that require these settings enabled to allow you to sign in. 

We may also have various third party services on No Angry German that may place cookies on your device if you allow it, and those services often include Facebook and Pinterest. We do carefully research any service that we use on this platform and that could subsequently be storing cookies on your website, however we are unable to assume any type of responsibility for the way in which these websites may be using the information that they are gathering. For as long as you don’t actively share your contact information, their ability to gather personally-identifiable information should not be possible. However, when you do visit our platform, you may be starting to see ads on Facebook from other companies if those companies are setting up ad campaigns where they are using filters that link your interests to those that the advertiser is interested in reaching. 

  1. Personally identifiable information

This relates to the information that you may choose to share with our platform through which we may in fact be able to identify a specific person. This, for example, could happen when you choose to subscribe to one of our various offerings, where we might require that you submit information that includes your name, email and cell phone, however additional information may also be requested depending on the type of function that we are requiring.

For example, if you are trying to purchase an ebook through the website, or if you are otherwise trying to sign up for a paid service, we may additionally request that you provide u with information such as the billing and mailing address, which will be required for us to be able to process the necessary payment. 

Other functions may also require that you provide us with personally-identifiable information such as the use of various chat functions or other functions whereby we end up getting in contact with you. When you use these services, assuming we have added them at the time, certain things like requesting your name, email and telephone number may be required in order for us to know how to contact you and follow up on a session. Having the possibility to contact you through various means may mean that we are able to follow up if a service ended up being disconnected. 

There may also be instances under which we are collecting personally-identifiable information that isn’t online, like if you choose to contact us in a manner that isn’t considered online, like calling us through a phone number. 

It’s important to mention that this platform is not intended for the use of anyone under the age of 18, and that we require any user under the age of 18, or under the legal age in their jurisdiction, whichever is higher, to leave this platform. We do not knowingly collect information from anyone that does not meet that criteria, and if you do not live up to that criteria, you are prohibited from using the services of this platform. 

You should also know that we cannot be in charge of the way that you choose to use the information that is being shared on this platform, including the ways in which we have previously achieved improved health outcomes. We cannot be held accountable no matter how this information is used, and we encourage everyone to seek out professional medical advice before radically choosing to alter any of their health situations so as to make sure that such actions are taken in a responsible way. 

How we use the information

We are always encouraging everyone that we interact with to be using any sort of information in a responsible manner, whether they are obtaining such information through cookies or other means, and we try to limit our partnerships to companies that we believe share our philosophy in those endeavors. 

We cannot, however, assume any responsibility for their use.

The use of the information we collect is done and used so as to build a higher quality platform, which includes the use of statistical analyses to better understand the overall trends of the website. We should also be clarifying that we may be choosing to include links across the website to other platforms that we do not own, and that we cannot ensure are safe. While we do try to make sure that we are only linking out to relevant websites that we trust, it’s impossible for us to continuously monitor all outgoing links. 

We may choose to use any or all of the personally-identifiable information in a manner that we see fit to best achieve the goals that we have, while respecting the various laws at hand. 

This could mean that you might receive relevant information to your new health journey or any other type of content that we believe is relevant for you to be seeing. 

We do our absolute best here at No Angry German to ensure that your safety is ensured and that your information is not misused in any shape or form as a consequence of your interaction with our platform.