Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind

Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind
JUNE 11, 2013 BY GINA
6-10-13n 053blindRidiculously Easy No Sew Blind.

Has there been something small around your home that needed attention?

A problem, glitch or issue?

Something that sadly, went ignored? Because it just wasn’t as urgent, pressing or exciting as painting gold stripes on deer antlers or adding tiny dinosaurs to a succulent jungle?

6-3-13n 088door plain @ CharmingZebra.comLet me introduce my kitchen back door. (And the unwashed windows.)

A well-used, functional, but largely ignored decorating opportunity.

So let me explain the issue. Here at the Charming Zebra household, we love natural light. We crave it, in fact. Each morning, every single window covering in our home is opened to it’s fullest extent to let in every last ray of sunshine. And because our backyard has the beginnings of an overgrown jungle, privacy hasn’t been an issue with our kitchen windows. Therefore, the window in the door has never had a blind or curtain. That would all be well and good if it wasn’t for the blazing, early evening, blistering, Texas Summer sun streaming through the window and searing the faces of about 3/4 of the family sitting at the dinner table.

The kitchen door is metal so my temporary solution was to stick on a magnetic mini curtain rod. Then I would grab whatever material was closest (be it fabric, a towel or an errant t-shirt) and drape it over the rod in an attempt to partially shield the burning rays from the faces of my suffering children. (Shameful, I know.)

So I finally decided to make a more visually appealing solution to our dinner sunshine problem.

6-3-13n 138fabric @ CharmingZebra.comI grabbed a brightly colored fabric remnant from Joann’s.

6-3-13n 100fabric glue @ CharmingZebra.comAnd decided that it would be the perfect project to try out fabric glue. And magnets, of course.

6-3-13n 102magnetI wanted to make this as simple as possible so I just measured the size of the covering I wanted and cut the fabric with pinking shears so I wouldn’t have to hem the sides. I then folded down the top edge and spaced four magnets right under the fold and glued them. (I used scratch paper underneath so the glue wouldn’t stick to the table.)

6-3-13n 107ribbon @ CharmingZebra.comNext, I glued a bit of green ribbon across the seam to give it support.

Well, the glue dried beautifully and the window blind worked just great. But something was missing.

6-10-13n 049trim @ CharmingZebra.comPom Poms! I love them. The world could definitely use more pom poms.

And this little window covering was begging for pom poms. So I just glued a string of white to the bottom edge of the blind.

6-10-13n 050pom pom trimI left a few inches of the bottom of the window uncovered so some light would still stream in.

6-10-13n 053blindThe beauty of this simple window blind is that it can easily be put up or taken down. When I don’t wish to have the window covered, I just move the blind directly beneath the window. That way the morning light is invited in and I still have a pop of colorful pattern in the room. So simple. So ridiculously easy.

So what about you? Have you had to deal with the laser rays of the sun or have an unnatural affinity for pom poms?

~Gina (aka Miss Charming)

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