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No Angry German is a platform that strives to provide the user as much transparency as possible into the various processes and policies so as to make sure that you understand a myriad of things, including how we use the various information that we collect in order to improve the offering on the platform, but additionally to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions when it comes to your rights and usage of this platform.

If you are a person who takes your privacy very seriously, we sincerely encourage you to also check out the privacy policy page that is published on No Angry German which will help you better understand what the different types of information we collect are – as a spoiler, we can tell you that we collect both non-personally identifiable information, which is the bulk of the information that we collect, although we also collect personally-identifiable information. The quick summary is that we collect this information so as to help you get started on your weight loss or general health improvement journey, so that we can better tailor the various offerings that we have on the website and platform with the information that you may be interested in. It’s important that you know that by using No Angry German or any of the services that we provide, you are consenting to the policies that we have listed on the relevant pages of the website.

Whether it comes down to the way that we treat data, or the various terms and conditions, we reserve the right to alter, change, delete, revamp, replace or otherwise modify No Angry German’s policy pages in order for them to best reflect the practices that we see fit. It is also important that you are aware that we reserve the right to enact such changes immediately upon publishing or at a specified date and that any changes to either of the policy pages will result in an immediate change in how we do business.

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It is our general belief that our most updated terms, and the terms that we may choose to alter in the future, are a reflection of where we believe the overall industry is heading, so as to make sure we are both staying up to date on the latest privacy issues, as well as ensuring that the terms and conditions reflect the latest state of the business and how we wish for you to be interacting with it.

We do feel obligated to inform you that we strive to make sure that we aren’t enacting any sorts of policies that we believe are out of line with the general state of the industry, and that we do take such measures so as to ensure the longevity of the business as well being able to provide our users with the types of information that we believe is the most relevant for them.

We have various resources on everything including how to lose weight fast, which is what our home page has been dedicated to, as well as internal pages that may focus on the intricate details of losing face fat, and making sure that you are setting yourself up for having a face that looks slimmer! We are committed to sharing a range of information to hopefully help you reach your health goals in a way that is sustainable with your way of living. We hope that you can also understand that it takes time and effort for us to be able to provide you with the type of experience that we are hoping to provide you with, and that when I record an extended water fast, or otherwise have content prepared, whether I write the bulk of the content myself, or whether it is written by a third party writer that I trust, at which point I edit it, that there are certain unavoidable costs associated with all of this, including the software that is used to provide the necessary solutions, but also the hardware that may be used for various things like filming. In addition to that, it would be wonderful if this platform and project in fact manages to make some income that will justify the necessary time and investment that is being put into it, hopefully opening up the path to a healthier America in general! There is no denying that America is generally seeing a decline in health, which we believe could in large part be fixed by addressing the way in which Americans eat, including both what they eat, but perhaps more radically when they eat, and we hope to bring you on board with this mission, so that you may become part of the group to enjoy the fruit of better health.

Not health advice

It is important to know that while we seek to only share information where we believe that there is profound scientific backing, none of the information that is being shared on this information contains what can be perceived as medical advice.

When you want actual medical advice, you should be visiting a medical professional and make sure that you mention all your underlying conditions and thoughts as well as what it is you are trying to achieve.

Any and all information that has been shared on No Angry German or anywhere else should always, with no exception, be regarded as made for pure entertainment purposes.

It is important to note that the general consensus is that there are definitely people that are entirely unfit to do any sort of fasting, where we would strongly discourage that they remotely attempt to incorporate any of the advice shared on this website into their daily lives.

Any person who ever seeks to improve their health should always consult a doctor, and if you consider fasting as a means to lose weight, we encourage that you make sure that you are getting the sound advice of a medical professional to ensure that you are having a plan created that tailors to your needs, and that you are aware of any potential warning signs, as well as the fact that you choose to act responsibly, as per your medical professional’s suggestions, on those warning signs.

There are certain groups of people that are generally never recommended to engage in the practice of fasting given their at-risk status and these people generally include:

  • People that are still growing (as there is a wide range of nutrients that you won’t be receiving as a consequence of not having a regular feeding window, as it could stunt or otherwise affect the growth).
  • People that are malnourished and under-nourished. Your body will rely on a type of energy to get you through the day, why you cannot fast if you don’t in fact have any energy storage to start getting your energy from. If you ever start feeling bad during a fast, like a 3 day water fast, it is important that you listen to your body and do the sensible thing which may include breaking your fast sooner than you would have hoped – I have unfortunately been forced to do so on a number of occasions myself as I did not feel that the state I was in was sufficiently good to continue a fast. It was a rather disappointing feeling, feeling like I had gotten 90% of the way there (I previously had a 10 day water fast planned, which ended up turning into a 9 day one instead), however, it may have significant benefits that you choose to stop a fast earlier rather than pushing through, as there are various potential consequences that could stem from proceeding for too long. You may experience significant increases in dizziness which could unfortunately lead you to experience the devastating effects of falling, which could potentially be lethal. I have personally always stopped a fast if anything has continued to feel off. On a couple of occasions, I may have decided to continue a fast if the intake of electrolytes has helped me significantly improve the condition that I am in. Especially when you are at risk of falling, or in situations where you may be approaching a state where it is no longer arguably safe to fast, it is important that you listen to your body and make sure to give it what it is that it seems to be longing for, which may just be a break.While you may not want to end a fast, it is the more sensible thing to do so when the alternative choice could lead to putting yourself in harm’s way.
  • People that are on medication should make sure to consult with their doctor before trying to fast, as changing your diet, which is ultimately what fasting is, can interfere with the way the drugs work. There are certain drugs that require that they are taken with food, why it may not be plausible that you engage in fasting if you are in a situation where you are taking any of these types of medication. If you are in a situation where you are considering fasting, however, you are on medication, one alternative may be that you are eligible to try out intermittent fasting, however, you should still proceed to seek out medical advice before you do so to hear the professional opinion of a doctor.

While fasting can be a very powerful tool, especially for those people who may have previously had issues obtaining the health results that they wanted through a traditional way of losing weight, there is no denying that it might also be a tool that you would need to ease into in order to ensure that you are going about it in a way that you are feeling comfortable with, and where you are ensuring that you feel you can do so safely. As we previously mentioned on a couple of different pages, there are people across the internet, perhaps most notably on Reddit, where there is a very big fasting community where it has changed the life for many people that were previously struggling with weight.

The biggest intention with this website is to provide the necessary inspiration for people to pursue the health goals that they are interested in improving, and hopefully have a meaningful, societal impact as well. Ideally, this becomes the first place where you end up being introduced to the idea of fasting, and where you learn about some of its many possibilities, while ensuring that you are doing so in what seems like a safe environment, but while still providing the encouragement to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

I only encourage any practices on this website that I truthfully believe are both safe and effective in helping you get to the optimal level of health that you desire being at.

No liability disclaimer

All the information on this site, platform and other platforms that may be accessed through the use of No Angry German, should always be considered as written with the intention of entertaining our users. This is not medical advice. I repeat. This is not medical advice, so do not mistake it for that.

No Angry German cannot be held liable in any way or form on the basis of any of the content or services provided through any of the offerings included. This includes but is not limited to acting upon any of the information on this website as if it is medical advice, or any potential costs that may have been incurred as a result of not treating the content on this platform as pure entertainment.

We encourage you to seek out reliable information on fasting, and seek out reliable medical information that you can base your health decisions on. While we try to  include sources to relevant information that we believe has been created by sources whom we have a very high level of trust in, it’s important to understand that we are still in the very early stages of getting some level of understanding of the underlying mechanisms that happen when people choose to engage in the willingful act of abstaining from eating for extensive periods of time.

Fasting is starting to be increasingly adapted by health professionals in one form or another, including in the form of intermittent fasting, and the various benefits generally associated with fasting are starting to gain significant traction in various communities. However, it’s important to understand that we are still in the very early stages of getting a better understanding of just how fasting works and its many benefits, and there are still various aspects that are disputed, including the role of autophagy and when you really start seeing significant benefits from it.

It is currently believed that autophagy starts significantly increasing around day 3-4 of fasting, although it is still debatable. However, it is important to note that any and all decisions you may make regarding improving your health should always be done in accordance with a medical professional’s expertise. When it comes to better understanding the underlying mechanisms of fasting, we encourage you to seek out the work done by Dr Fung on the topic.

Use of the site

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Linked websites

On No Angry German we try and include relevant sources to anything that we think may help in increasing the trustworthiness of the claims that we are making on this site, however it is important to note that there is a range of possible outcomes associated with the linking to websites that we do not have direct control over. While we try to ensure their accuracy, and that these websites have accurate, tested, scientific information on them, you acknowledge that No Angry German or any of the people associated with this platform are responsible for any of the content, availability or other materials that may be accessible through the use of any of the links included on this website. We are not responsible or liable for any linked websites, and you should be sure that you are taking the same precautions and measures to ensure that any outside information that is mentioned is treated as independent information, not affiliated with No Angry German. We encourage you to read the policy pages on those specific websites to ensure that you accept the terms of such pages. If you find any links on No Angry German that may either lead to any information that is generally perceived as being medically wrong, we always welcome recommendations that allow us to recheck those sources and gain a better understanding of whether or not we agree with your thinking on the matter. If you have any resources that you believe should be included, especially on the topic of intermittent fasting and extended fasting, we do encourage you to send those over for us to take a look at, although we will happily admit that we do have a strong preference for actually linking out to medical publications and studies that are widely believed to be reliable.


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