The Best Electric Spiralizer : Make Your Own Vegetable Noodles

What home kitchen is complete without a few cool gadgets? This day in age there are hundreds of different gizmos and innovations that are designed to make our cooking lives easier, and electric spiralizers are no different.

These smart little inventions are your shortcuts to making stress-free noodles, regardless if they’re veggie-based or not. From carrots to sweet potatoes, your noodles are going to be so much easier to make with the help of an electric spiralizer. On top of that, they are still healthy and budget friendly, what’s not to love? Below, this review looks into nine of the best electric spiralizers that money can buy.

Let’s get into it!

Best Electric Spiralizer Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Vegetable Spiralizer

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 is an electric veggie spiralizers that can also double as a slicer. To be more specific, there’s no food it can’t handle: cucumbers, apples, potatoes, and really, any veggie you can think of. And to make your recipe come alive, the appliance features a food-safe metal food grip to securely hold your food.

In addition to that, you’ll find 3 cutting cones that you can use to make spaghetti, linguine, and ribbons. Throughout, you have 6 cup bowls with lids to hold your food. There’s also the option to buy the appliance with 4 cones, now including fettucini. That said, each part is made of plastic, and you can separate them all for easy clean-up (brush included). Easy!

2. BELLA (14641) 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer

This piece also comes with a recipe book to get users started on eating as healthy as possible. The electric spiralizer can take 6″ food, easily cutting it into different shapes in seconds with the turn of a knob. To help with that, there’s a metal grip to securely hold your food, which is also food-safe. Your choices include ribbons, fettuccini, spaghetti, linguine, and curly fries. All, equally nutritious, healthy, gluten-free, and packed with flavor.

Asides from that, the device can be easily and quickly disassembled for clean-up. To aid users, even more, a hard bristle cleaning brush is packaged in to keep your hands clear from the cutting mechanism. Having mentioned that, would-be buyers should know this isn’t completely compatible with onions. People hoping for a one-for-all device that’ll take the ‘moody’ part out of cutting onions, this isn’t the one.

3. NutriChef Electric Food Spiralizer Slicer Chopper

Coming with an ergonomic build that can fit on any table or countertop, this NutriChef electric spiralizer is an excellent alternative zoodle-makers. It’s a device compatible with lots of food, including carrots, onions (sliced), garlic, and really anything else you’ve got in mind. And for each, you’ve got three cutting options to choose from, which are coarse, fine-chop, and spiral styles.

Another area worth a note or two is the clean-up part. This piece can be easily disassembled for a quick clean up. If that’s not enough, it’s also compatible for use with a dishwasher. Additionally, all of the parts are food-safe, so you don’t have to worry about food contamination. Finally, there’s a collection bowl also thrown in, and it has a carrying capacity of 1.2 liters. Downer is that there’s not much you can do about that. But on the bright side, this is budget-friendly.

4. NutriBullet Veggie Bullet Electric Spiralizer

The NutriBullet electric spiralizer is compatible with different foodstuffs from cabbages and carrots to onions and corn. You can shred and slice any food that comes to your mind in under a minute with up to 350 watts of power. If you want more options to work with, you’ll have to purchase other blades. From a design-oriented perspective, this could be improved, and that’s where the large carrying capacity comes in handy.

A recipe book is also included to get users started, but what about after the cooking session? For that, the veggie spiralizer is also compatible with dishwashers. To aid with that, the device can be completely disassembled of its parts. Still, it’s not all sunshine in the world of users that opted for NutriBullet spiralizers. For instance, this piece isn’t the most suitable for tables and countertops since the base isn’t flat.

5. BLACK+DECKER SFP1000B Electric Spiralizer

This is an electric spiralizer sign up to 6 cutting blades for any whole food you want to eat. Carrots, onions, it doesn’t matter—since you can choose any style between thick noodle, thin noodle, ribbon noodle, wavy cut, thin slice, and thick slice. And to take all that, there’s a large-capacity bowl which is further complemented by the continuous chute style.

To help users with cooking, there’s a recipe book included. It teaches you how to incorporate different spiralized food into your everyday meals. But what about after you’ve cooked, you may ask? Well, the appliance’s various parts can be quickly disassembled for easy clean-up. Heck, it’s also compatible with dishwashers if you don’t want to go through the stress.

On the other hand, a cleaning brush is included if you’re washing by hand. It conveniently helps you stay clear of the blades. Nevertheless, we noticed some cons. For one, it doesn’t work well with small veggies. So, you’ll have to make sure the food is large enough for a uniform cut.

6. PII Veggie Electric Spiralizer

The PII electric spiralizer can cut a variety of whole foods such as onions and cucumber using three blades. That is, you’ll find the thin spiral, thick spiral, and lastly the ribbon blades. With this piece, some manual operation is needed. All you have to do is push the food down the chute and into the large, transparent bowl, and you’re done.

Part of the reason the device can do this easily lies in the ergonomic design. From the device itself being suitable for use on countertops to easily store it, it’s well-built. Another feature is the safety lock, which makes sure the appliance doesn’t work if it’s properly fitted. What’s more, you can even quickly pick the spiralizer apart to easily clean it. If you prefer something more, it can also be cleaned with dishwashers.

7. KitchenAid KSM1APC Electric Spiralizer

This electric spiralizer features 5 cutting blades, including medium and fine slicing blades; large-core and small core slicing blades; peeling blade. Any whole food that comes to your minds such as cucumbers, apples, and onions can be easily cut with this. And don’t let the ‘handy’ design fool you; it works not only smoothly thanks to the flat base and weight distribution, but it’s also ergonomic.

As for the lifespan, the appliance boasts a sturdy build, made from premium metal. Despite that, the entire structure can be quickly disassembled to quickly clean the device up. This, being an essential feature for dishwashers is indisputable. But at least, washing by hand has been made even easier. Finally, before you start using any blade at all, don’t forget to use the ideal speed level.

8. Presto 02970 Salad Shooter

The Presto salad shooter is an all-in-one salad, zoodles, and whole-food maker with four cutting cones. It’s available in two colors, which are black and white. That’s not all; you can also chop nuts, grate chocolates, and even make cracker combs. The cones include blades for ripple slices, thick slices, medium shreds, and super shreds.

For any of those, the food pusher comes in handy, likewise the open chute which allows continuous food processing. What’s more, people with dishwashers aren’t left out with the device compatible with those as well. With the entire construct being easily disassembled, so it’s also easy to wash by hand. After-purchase attachments are present as well, so you might as well check them out.

9. Chefman Immersion Blender & Electric Spiralizer

The Chefman spiralizer is a powerful piece of hardware that can run at 300 watts. At that power, it’s easy to make zucchini, likewise cut the likes of beets, carrots, onions, butternut squash with the spiral, grate, and ribbon cones. Although, for best results with this particular device, use short and thick veggies only to ensure the food is cut straight. As a complement of the design, Chefman’s spiralizer features advanced blending options. This is done through the likes of ice crushing immersion blade, chopper, and whisker.

Other details about the spiralizer include the easy-to-grip ergonomic handle (two-speed push-button). In addition, the shape is perfect for horizontal surfaces such as countertops or cutting boards. It’s also designed to reach large cooking pots, pitchers, and mixing bowls. Finally, the appliance can be disassembled into individual parts for a very easy clean up. Blade attachments you can purchase with this appliance are chop, whisk, and puree blades.

FAQ about Electric Spiralizers

Here we have included a handy FAQ section to answer some of your questions before you even get the chance to ask them. Most electric spiralizer users make zucchini noodles with their new device, so we will focus on questions specific to this food below.

Can you Spiralize without a Spiralizer?

Yes, you can spiralize any supported whole food without a spiralizer. All you need is a vegetable peeler, and you’re good to go. Here are the steps.

  • Gently apply light pressure with the peeler to the edge of the fruit
  • Make downward slices in any direction you prefer.

As you might have noticed, spiralizing with a peeler is unlike an electric one. This is about the manual labor involved since it does depend on the user’s skill. Also, the fact that the result of those downward slices is wide fettuccine-like slices of fruits can’t be ignored.

To be honest, this method takes much longer than using a spiralizer, so you’ll be much better off having invested in one.

What do zucchini noodles taste like?

Not only do they look like regular spaghetti or noodles at times they also like it. That is, they don’t have a strong taste. Instead, zucchini noodles absorb the flavor of all the sauces and ingredients you’ve mixed in. Nevertheless, this depends on your processing method. To make your zucchini noodles look like spaghetti (for people who have kids), you have to peel it before you spiralize it.

Are zucchini noodles healthy?

Zoodles is combining zucchini and noodles together since its made from turning zucchini into spaghetti-like strands. The food is low in carb and calories since it’s a veggie, which is why it’s considered a good option for users who are trying to lose weight (also strengthens your bones). In addition to that, it’s also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, and many other essential nutrients. In fact, just two cups of zucchini provide about 15 percent of your daily dietary fiber needs.

Do you have to boil zoodles?

Yes, you will have to boil the zoodles for a bit to get that perfect level of firmness. A few minutes is all you need to do this, but if you cut the zucchini into wide/big slices, the cooking time may be affected. After this, you can saute it with some olive oil, garlic, and any other seasoning you like. That said, keep in mind that you never add salt to raw zoodles, since doing so turns it mushy. So wait till the cooking session is done, then add as needed before serving.

How many calories are in one cup of zucchini noodles?

In one cup of zucchini noodles, you’ll find 19 calories, 3.5 g of carbs, 3 g of sugar, 1.5 g of protein, 1 g of fiber, and 0 g of fat. The food also provides nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, quite some water, and a host of other vitamins (A, C, and B6) and minerals your body needs to be in optimum performance.

What do zucchini noodles look like?

When you cut into a zucchini, you’ll find that the food has a buttery texture, with the inside spotting a yellowish, white, or slightly green hue. Always avoid ones that are brown, flexible, or soft.

Is zucchini a keto?

Whether or not to consider zucchini a keto vegetable involves looking at its carb content. This is because a keto diet requires whole foods with under 5 net carbs. Luckily, a cup of zucchini noodles translates to just 3.5 grams of carbohydrate.

Are zoodles good for weight loss?

Zoodles are so good at helping you keep your weight that you can lose over 2 pounds a year, just by substituting it for pasta once in a week. Want to lose even more weight? Just increase your intake of zoodles.

There you have it. We hope by now you have got all the information you need to purchase the best electric spiralizer for your kitchen. Good luck and have fun with your new noodle making gadget!


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