The Best Turkey Roasting Pans

If you’re looking for the best pan to cook a turkey in, then you’ve come to the right place! As all you chefs out there know, cooking a perfect turkey is no easy task. Far too often, it’s overcooked, too dry, burnt, etc. I know they say that a poor workman blames his tools, but when it comes to cooking, having the best gear really does make all the difference.

In this article, we will bring you nominees for the best turkey roasting pans and even turkey roasting pans with lids. Performance and prices are the keywords for any roasting pan, regardless if you’re just doing veggies or our favorites, turkeys.

For the latter, it’s a given that users want a cooking ware that can dish out high heat evenly. Especially if you want all that seasoning to penetrate the breast and whatnot, this review focuses on the best roasting pan money can buy.

Factors to Consider Before Picking The Best Turkey Roasting Pan

Strength: The pan needs to be strong and sturdy, or else it won’t be able to handle the extreme temperatures you’ll cook at.

Material: Here are the main materials you can expect to find to find in the best roasting pan; copper, multi-ply stainless/aluminum, encapsulated/spun disk bottom variant, pure stainless steel, carbon steel with enamel coating, pure aluminum, anodized aluminum, and cast iron.

  • Copper is the best, in terms of heat conductivity and even distribution. It’s also perfect to use in an oven, not only stoves. The same thing extends to multi-ply stainless/aluminum, only that they’re a bit pricey.
  • For encapsulated/spun disk bottom variants, it’s usually stainless steel with a disk bottom of either aluminum or copper. With this, you get the best of both worlds, meaning pans with disk bottoms are light in weight, tough, easy to clean, and features superior conductivity. Likewise, this option isn’t the most budget-friendly on the list.
  • For stainless steel alone, you know the usual already. It’s easy to clean, aesthetically appealing, can stand up to high heat, but ironically, can’t evenly distribute that heat. This makes stainless steel pans especially susceptible to scorching and burning.
  • Carbon steel with enamel coating is known for easy cleanups, being budget-friendly, and light in weight. Unfortunately, it’s been known to chip off, so you have to make sure that pans made out of this material are extra thick.
  • Pure aluminum, on the other hand, is light in weight and conducts heat beautifully, but it definitely isn’t the best choice for roasting. For instance, if you roast acidic food with a pure aluminum pan, leaching occurs.
  • Anodized aluminum is another form of aluminum but tougher, more decorative, corrosion-resistant, and features a non-stick surface. The clear advantage is that leaching never occurs.
  • Cast iron is one of the heaviest choices you could choose. And coupled with the fact that it doesn’t distribute heat evenly (even cracking under high heat), it doesn’t seem like the best choice. But have you ever heard of enameled cast iron? For our readers new to this, it has better conductivity and performs better in ovens than the traditional option.

Shape: Always pick flat-bottom pans if you want to increase compatibility with other cooking methods (induction cooktops, for instance). As for the shapes themselves, we have oval, rectangular, and rectangular pans with rounded corners. The last one offers only the pros of both.

Size and Weight: The size of your pan matters a lot since the bigger it is, the more you can cook per batch. As for the weight, you need a balanced cooking ware. This, of course, depends on the material, but never being too light or heavy is the key. Get a pan with a good weight, and it’ll be less prone to warping, twisting, or popping.

Handles: Since you’ll be using the oven a lot, the type of handle your pan possesses matters a lot. Bale handles that swing up and down are usually too flimsy for roasting a meal as large as a turkey. So, the best type is the large loop handles. Albeit, if the loop handles are too large, it might be a problem getting that turkey into the oven.

Best Roasting Pans For Turkey

1. Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan


The roasting pan is one of a kind, ticking all of the boxes to qualify as a consumer favorite. It’s a U-shaped pan with a removable roasting rack, which is useful for separating the food from drippings. And even with the last bit, the non-stick features come to the rescue. That is, the pan is not only PFOA free, but grime and the likes are easily washed off with a swipe.

Moving on, you can get this pan in two colors; gray and chocolate brown. Aesthetically, both are quite the lookers, but truthfully, we would have loved to see different size options. But don’t sweat it, because this one we’re reviewing can carry up to 24 LBS. Take into consideration the wide and riveted loop handles, and it’s simply a breeze cooking with this.

Two cons to note about this pan though is that it’s not dishwasher-safe and is entirely made from heavy gauge stainless steel and. The first is self-explanatory, but the second means the pan doesn’t necessarily distribute heat easily. But luckily, the inclusion of a rack makes turkeys easier to work.

2. All-Clad Hard-Anodized Nonstick


The All-clad offers a 13-inch by 16-inch pan made out of hard-anodized aluminum. In other words, compared to conventional pans made from aluminum, this product never leeches and features a higher-heat conductivity (up to 500 degrees F). In addition to that, it evenly distributes heat, so no hot spots, nor warping.

The carry limit is 23LBS, and since it’s anodized, that means it features a non-stick surface. Essentially, the 3X coating ensures that none of the drippings from that 20 Lbs turkey will easily clean off with a swipe. Couple in the removable rack (v-shaped), and you can further separate the meat from drippings.

Or better yet, use it to collect all that seasoning and natural juices from the pan’s base. Now, since this is such a big roasting pan, you’ll obviously need some big handles. Featured, is wide and contoured stainless steel loop handles, riveted in place by stainless steel bolts. Ideal, since you’ll be carrying a heavy pan around.

3. Calphalon Contemporary Roasting Pan


Calphalon offers a 16-inch roasting pan made out of a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. To be more specific, a heavy-gauge aluminum core is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. The clear benefits of aluminum in this design include far better heat conductivity and distribution across the surface.

That said, using stainless steel also brings in some other advantages. From providing a non-stick cooking experience to the fact that it’s also compatible with dishwashers. These two ensure that the pan is extremely easy to clean up. Moving on, you can use the pan with gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, and induction stovetops.

The carrying limit for the pan is 25 Lbs if you use it with the removable rack (v-shaped). And speaking of the rack, it’s a great tool that allows heat to circulate and you, to turn the turkey. Also, the triple-riveted large loop handles ensure that handling the pan is easy.

4. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Roaster


This piece from Cuisinart is a 16-inch rectangular roaster with a removable rack. But perhaps the best part about it is that it comes in several sizes (from 1.5 quarts to 16 inches). The pan uses a stainless triple-ply construction, meaning it has an aluminum core that is sandwiched by two brushed stainless steel plates. This not only increases the pan’s affinity for heat but also helps distribute heat more evenly.

Going over to the sides, you’ll find riveted, and large hoop handles for easily handling the pan. Stainless steel is used for the construction of both handles because it stays relatively cool to the touch after use. On the inside, you’ll find a removable rack made from stainless steel. It’s perfect for turning turkeys and basting, glazing, or making gravy.

Other features of the pan include being not only gas or electric stovetop compatible but also induction-ready and dishwasher-safe. It also comes with a drip-free, tight-fitting cover, which helps you seal in all the flavor.

5. Viking Culinary 3-Ply Roasting Pan


The Viking Culinary 4013-9902 is a 3-ply roasting pan that measures 16 inches by 13 inches (carries at least 20 pounds). That part saying “3-ply” simply means the pan is a combination of an aluminum core, bonded on both sides, to two stainless steel plates. The aluminum inside (more than anything else) gives the pan a higher heat conductivity (up to 600°F) and more capability to distribute the heat evenly. Not to mention the rack, which makes glazing turkeys a breeze.

Next up are the handles, which corrects a design flaw in almost every roasting pan out there. It’s inverted, making the pan ergonomically better to put inside and take out of an oven. Other features include being dishwasher safe and PFOA-free. The pan also comes with a craving set, though, there’s an option to get it with just a rack.

6. Anolon Triply Clad Stainless Steel Roaster


Featuring a high-quality build, this choice from Anolon is designed around an aluminum core bonded on both sides to a stainless steel plate. The advantage of this combo is that heat conductivity is much increased, likewise heat distribution. We’re talking about the ability to withstand and distribute up to 500°F all over the pan. Inside of the pan, you’ll find a removable rack that’s useful for glazing and other drippings-separation techniques.

Moving on to the measurements, the pan is designed to carry weights up to 30 Lbs in a 17-inch x 12.5-inch rectangular shape. Since it can hold that kind of weight, obviously, the handles are thick and looped. But what they’re not, is inverted, nor are obtrusive. Overall, they’re easy to work within and out of the oven. The fact that they’re also compatible with dishwashers seals the deal since cleanup is practically effortless.

7. All-Clad Stainless Steel Roasting Pan


Perhaps smaller than the others on the list can be the new addition on a kitchen-ware list. The All-Clad roasting pan measures 11 inches by 14 inches and also comes with a non-stick rack. It’s a single-ply pan, meaning everything down to the rack and riveted loop handles are made out of stainless steel.

In some ways, you can also say roasting a turkey with the rack guarantees more even results compared to cooking without. And temperature-wise, the pan can comfortably stand up to 600°F. It’s also safe to use in a dishwasher, and since the surface is highly polished to give it some non-stick properties, stains and grime easily come off.

The Best Turkey Roasting Pans with Lids

1. Viking 3-Ply Stainless Steel Roasting Pan


The first turkey stainless steel roasting pan with a lid in our review. Featuring an oval shape, this is the one of the best roasting pans can carry up to 8.5 Quarts with the pan and 4.5 Quarts with the lid. So, you can use it standalone or simply convert it into a dutch oven. Since it uses 3-ply technology, it features an aluminum core sandwiched by two plates of induction and dishwasher-ready stainless steel plates.

Due to that design, the pan’s heat conductivity is increased, likewise the heat distribution, which is further complemented by the rack. The only design flaw that it spots is the handles, eating too much space since they aren’t inverted. But at least, they’re made from riveted stainless steel, and that definitely helps in moving the pan around.

2. Granite Ware Covered Rectangular Roaster


You can use Granite ware’s rectangular roaster in the traditional open manner or convert it into a dutch oven. That translates to a pan capable of carrying a turkey up to 26 Lbs. And for the material, the pan is made from carbon steel, coated both in and out by porcelain to conduct heat quickly and evenly. An advantage of that choice in material is that the product is non-stick.

And with its compatibility with dishwashers, you can easily clean out the residue drippings. On the sides of the pan, you’ll find the sturdy, casted handles. Don’t worry, there’s enough space to in there to comfortably handle the pan. The only other accessory we would have loved to see is a rack. But if you have one at home, it should be compatible.

3. Mr. Rudolf Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack


This roaster pan with rack is a 15-inch, oval roaster from Mr. Rudolf, and it features a triple-ply construction process. That is, the pan is made from an aluminum core with two polished stainless steel plates on each side. The biggest benefit of using an aluminum core is rapid and even heating. As for the stainless steel, they’re hypoallergenic (PFOA-free), making them safe for food.

The pan can carry up to 8.5 quarts while the lid can only support weights up to 4.2 quarts. So, naturally, both pieces feature a rack for glazing and the likes. For ease of handling, the pans feature riveted handles made from sturdy stainless steel. Finally, these pans are designed for use on all cooking mediums, including induction, electric, and glass cooktops.

4. Granite Ware Covered Oval Roaster


This is a 13-inch option from Granite Ware, spotting the usual combo of carbon steel and porcelain. In other words, carbon steel is coated with porcelain to promote rapid and even heating. The coating gives the non-stick pan properties, which makes it extremely easy to clean. And that’s not mentioning the fact that it’s safe to wash with dishwashers as well.

The pan can carry weights up to 5 pounds with the lid on, and up to 7 pounds with it off. Over to the next highlight, the handles are cast, and they’re also not inverted. While this could have proved to be an issue, remember that this pan isn’t the biggest, so your oven should hardly feel it choked full.

5. LavoHome Stainless Steel Oval Lidded Roasting Pan with Rack


The oval pan is made out of stainless steel, and it can hold weights up to 9.5 quarts. While stainless steel isn’t the best convection option, it sure can handle loads of heat (up to 600°F). As for the heat distribution, the pan includes a non-stick roasting rack. This helps in turning the turkey, as well as helpful in using cooking recipes such as glazing.

Going over to the lid, it comes in a high-domed design, which helps trap moisture, flavor, and heat. Finally, let’s talk about the handles. They are looped and made from stainless steel as well, which helps in easily handling the pan.

6. Precise-Heat Multi-Use Baking and Roasting Pan


Spotting a durable build, courtesy of the stainless steel construction, this pan can carry weights up to 25 Lbs. It comes with a removable rack that helps with heat distribution, as well as glazing recipes and the likes. Besides that, the lid helps in trapping the flavor and heat, with the latter saving energy in the long run.

Now, while it doesn’t feature non-stick properties, it’s safe to use in a dishwasher. And also, stainless steel has always been known for its easy cleanups. The handles come riveted to the sides, so you can safely and easily handle the pan.

7. Granite Ware Covered Oval Roaster


This Granite Ware’s oval roaster comes in different styles for buyers to choose from. You can either buy the pan with a roasting toolset or without the toolset. The oval roaster is made out of the brand’s iconic mix of carbon steel and porcelain. Wherein, the latter is used in coating the entirety of the pan. Advantages include faster and even heat distribution and PFOA-free certification.

One thing of note, though, is that the pan doesn’t feature a rack. But with support of weights up to 20 Lbs with the lid off, most racks will be compatible with it. Finally, the pan features Granite Ware’s usually short, cast handles for easy handling and a domed lid that helps trap heat and flavor.

Final Word

We hope by now you’ve got a firm grasp over what it takes to make a top-quality turkey roasting pan. Whether you’re looking for turkey roasting pans with lids or just the regular option, we hope you found what you were looking for here.

This list of roasting pan reviews focuses on the ones with the best heat distribution; size to price ratio; and even accessories that make roasting turkeys easier. So, just take a look through and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Thanks for reading!

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