Trash Can Makeover

Just call me “Garbage Girl”.  I ended up getting close and personal with my trash can as I attempted to freshen up it’s dated and dreary look with a makeover.  Yes, a trash can transformation.  My first attempts met with major failures but with another design plan it ended up turning out great.  And I was quite excited, too because it was my FIRST chevron.  Yes, I’ve officially climbed on that zig zag chevron bandwagon and I’m loving it.

Here is the sad little trash can in my master bathroom that has been in constant use and abuse for years.  It was a High School graduation gift from my grandparents.  It came with a matching tote bag.  I used the bag all the time but it ended up getting ruined while on an airplane.  Another passenger spilled his very full drink (unknown to me) all over the bag.  Apparently, the rose design couldn’t get wet.  I wasn’t aware of this until I left the plane and discovered my bag and contents soaked and stained with the ink from the design.  (Great trip!)

Despite looking shabby (and not in a good way) the cabbage roses on the garbage can weren’t exactly the look I was going for.  So instead of  “trashing”  the whole can I decided to just give it a makeover.

The inside was all rusty so I cleaned it out and then sprayed it with Rustoleum Textured Bronze.  It turned out just fine.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the smooth after–just the rusty before.)

Design plan number 1:
I primed the outside with Kilz primer and had my first hint that my design vision would have to be altered.  Originally, my plan was to paint it white and stencil a design on the outside.  The old rose fabric on the can was smooth when dry but after I sprayed the primer it developed a very nappy texture almost like sandpaper.  Even if I sanded it down it still would be too rough and the wrong finish for the stencil.

Design plan number 2:
With the nappy texture I had the brilliant idea of painting the outside with the same brown textured paint I used on the inside.  I was envisioning a suede effect.  The old rose fabric had other ideas and after many coats the outside resembled anything but suede.  Plus, by this time I also remembered the design rule of not painting anything brown that you’ll be using in a bathroom.  Self explanatory.

  Design plan number 3: Cover the mess with fabric and some spray adhesive.  (Why didn’t I do this in the first place?)  I found a simple white and grey chevron patterned fabric at Hobby Lobby.  It was the very first time that I brought the very trendy chevron into my home.  All I did was lightly spray Elmer’s Spray Adhesive on one side of the can and then wrapped the fabric around it and then the other side.  I took a razor blade around the top and bottom rim to cut a clean edge.  That’s it.  What ended up being two whole days of frustration was solved in a matter of minutes.  And I love the final result.  (Although, it has made me want to redo my whole master bathroom now.  Go figure.)   So what about you?  Are you a fan of chevron or does the zig zag leave you dizzy?

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